Susan Mackenzie Andersen


Thinker, Maker, Independent Researcher with a focus on economic development statutory law.

I grew up in a midcentury cottage industry, Andersen Design of Maine, a ceramic art and design and slip-cast production company operated from our home. Today I am trying to find the ways and means to recreate the production as a laterally structured independent contractors network of makers who own their own facilities. That requires reinventing the system as well as finding my way through the roadblocks of the existing cultural system. Maine, like much of the rest of the world, is run by a hierarchically structured public-private state that has expanded the wealth divide since established in 1976 to what is emerging today as a new ownership class-working class divide. That is why I came to be an independent researcher, concentrating on state economic development policy and related history and contemporary developments.

Boothbay, Maine, United States