Magento Development - Why Should You Choose Magento?

Let's check out the reasons Why Businesses Should Choose Magento To Form a Leading Online eCommerce Store? Lets have a detailed look.


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How to choose Magento platform to build your online store? And why Magento development services are rapidly growing in demand these days? Magento (formerly Community Commerce) is an open source e-commerce web application platform written in PHP and developed by the company Varien (formerly Jelastic).

Whether you’re planning to start an online store or revamp your existing eCommerce platform, opting for Magento will ensure your success in this competitive world. So why should you choose Magento? Let’s find out!

1) Reliability

Nowadays it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a reliable website. Companies that want to be taken seriously need an online presence that not only looks good but also performs well across all devices. By using the open source ecommerce platform, you’re guaranteed that any issues can be dealt with quickly by tech-savvy developers with years of experience under their belts. There are simply too many pitfalls involved when working with closed software, which is why it’s vital to stick with something open.

2) Security

With Magento you’re not only getting a highly flexible and fully scalable solution, but one that is also incredibly secure. With a database firewall and a file integrity checker to name just two of its security measures, it is easy to see why over 130,000 online stores trust in their eCommerce system of choice – Magento

3) Affordability

Magento is an open-source platform. And as a result, if you have a small budget, it’s much easier to implement at a lower cost than other platforms. Also, if you need to hire a development team for your project, you can find freelance developers for much cheaper because they're not developing proprietary software. The average full-time developer costs between $65K and $100K per year depending on experience and location.

4) Ease of Use

Onboarding is one of our top priorities at Webkul. We make sure that after you start working with us, you feel supported and well taken care of right from the beginning. This not only helps us establish a close relationship with you but also makes it easier for us to understand your needs. From there, we are able to recommend appropriate solutions that align to your business goals. To know more about our Magento development services, please feel free to contact us today.

5) Excellent Support

One of Magento’s most widely known qualities is its excellent customer support. Unlike WordPress, where you’re usually relying on community support for your eCommerce website, here you can be sure that your development questions will be answered by an expert in no time. Of course, if it were to take too long, you can always go to third-party developers who are accustomed to working with Magento. But first try contacting them directly; even if their response takes a little longer than you might expect, they’ll likely have a valid reason why. And that says something about how they manage their business!

End Note

In order to make your eCommerce store an online success, it needs to be made from scratch. So if you are looking for a magento developers, hire magento developers from ValueCoders, They are one of the best magento development company that specializes in Magento Customization and has a global clientele.

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