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The average conversion rate is 2.35%… Why is that?


Mauro Accorinti

3 years ago | 3 min read

What would it take to get you to buy this car?

That is one hell of a question, because the second it’s asked, your brain begins thinking about the thousands upon thousands of obstacles stopping you from getting this car.

These obstacles we’re going to call client objections, and we’re going to define them as everything stopping the client from buying into your offer.

It could be price. (Do I make enough to afford it?)

It could be the fear of something going wrong… (Will it break down frequently?)

Or even just the lack of need for the offer. (I don’t even have a license!)

Objections pop up whenever you’re trying to sell something. And questions like “What would it take to get you to buy this car?” generate a huge amount of questions like:

  • How much is it?
  • Is it new or used?
  • What type of car is it? Is it good? (Maybe they don’t know about cars)
  • Will I have a place to put it everyday when I come home? (Do I own a garage/live in a calm neighborhood?)
  • How do I know this offer is legit and not a scam? (Where are the guarantees or social proof?)
  • Do I have the money to justify the purchase?
  • Will my partner be okay with it?
  • What’s the car fuel consumption?
  • Do I even need a car???

And so much more.

Objections are important, because if they’re not taken care of in the sales cycle…

Sales just don’t happen.

Okay new question! Now if I asked you…

What would it take to get you to buy this chocolate bar?

Suddenly there aren’t so many questions popping up in your head, are there? (Other than maybe the price or the brand… or the usual “why is it out of the wrapper?” sort of questions.)

So, what changed?

If we had to tie it down to the main reasons, they’d mainly be:

  • Price
  • Personal Impact
  • Group Impact

Because we know a chocolate bar isn’t nearly as expensive as a car.

We know it only impacts our lives if we choose to make the purchase.

And we also know our decision to buy it won’t impact other people’s lives in a major way (unless we buy it for someone else).

And while all these elements usually go hand in hand (the pricier something is, the more it impact your life and those of others people)…

We tend to forget something about making solutions for businesses, and that is…

B2B solutions don’t affect one person, they tend to affect a group of people.

And this is exactly what makes conversions so difficult!

How do you tell your whole team to “try out this new software program trial” for the next 7 days that you found in an ad?

How do you get the sales department to switch over to Shopify without knowing if the transtion will be smooth?

Or for many a car dealer, the classic…

“I need to talk to my wife first before buying this car.”

There isn’t always only one decision maker.

There could be two.

Or three.

Or even seven.

And so it becomes a physically impossible task to tackle these objections using a single landing page.

Because there’s just so many people involved.

Landing pages can’t disarm these types of group decision maker objections by themselves.

They need something else…

They need…

a sales process.

Want to see how other big companies do it?

Want to also make a drinking game out of it?

Look at Unbounce’s 20 Best B2B Landing Page Examples for 2020 and take a shot whenever a page only asks for email.

Once they have your email, they can start a campaign to reach out numerous times to help disarm your team’s objections and get your business to push through.

Whether through targeting ads, emails or calls…

Because you can’t treat B2B pages like your typical B2C pages. They’re way more involved.

It goes beyond the normal benefits and offers.

You need to reach out and follow up. Make the call and talk to each decision maker personally.

Otherwise, what are you doing if not disarming objections?


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