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Life has never been easy for Yecson Preciado - Boxing Instructor. From growing up in a drug-fueled, murderous environment. he left home at 10, spending two months on the streets. Despite these traumatic circumstances, he persisted, driven only by his dream of becoming the best trainer in boxing.


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Preciado was born and raised in Guayaquil, a port city which serves as
Ecuador’s commercial capital, but also has the highest poverty rate in
the country. He was brought up by a dangerous father who regularly
abused him as a child. At just ten-years-old, Yecson had enough and
chose to run away to live on the dangerous streets, rather than be
beaten by his parent.
He spent two months on his own,
before he was adopted by a local family. When his new mother asked him
what he wanted to be when he grew up, Yecson, likely as a result of his
violent past, told her his dream of becoming a professional boxer.
new family helped him pursue his passion by buying him all the gear he
needed to get started, and set him up in boxing classes for teens. He
spent the rest of his childhood spar boxing with his mentor, Chango, and
went into the sport professionally.

Yecson fought some of the
country’s greatest boxers and managed to become a local legend, before
finally retiring. He now works as a security guard at the Guayaquil
port, but can barely feed his family on his meager salary.
How Does Yecson Preciado Make A Difference?

like many Ecuadorians, lives below the nation’s poverty line. The
country’s economy has been in decline for nearly a decade, and during
the pandemic, Ecuador’s  poverty rate surged from 27.2% to 37.6%.

his own personal struggles, Yecson put others’ needs before his own on a
daily basis. In 2014, he opened a boxing gym and has dedicated his life
to teach local children in his boxing classes, which can be a direct
ticket to a better life in the impoverished country.


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