Manikanta Racharla


Founder at

My passion for startups can be traced back to my college days. Whether as a member of an event organizing committee or as an intern of an NGO, I have been on a path of entrepreneurship right from the start. I like going through hurdles and discovering a new path time and again. As a 21-year-old university student, I founded my first fintech startup back in 2012. As a bootstrapped startup, we'd grown from a startup with 7 full-time employees to partnerships with Qiwi, Goa government, India Post, and co-founded ShopTap and Nytro. Building a brand from the outside may seem effortless, but starting a business at 21 with no resources or funding soon made me realize that early-stage entrepreneurship is anything but transparent. I have been sharing my entrepreneurial experiences to help more young people start, launch, and scale their own businesses with all the knowledge I gained over the years.