How to Market Your Eco-Friendly Business

Eco-Friendly Marketing Requirements:


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People are now, like never before, worrying about saving the planet and its resources. This is the reason businesses are now adopting eco-friendly practices. Companies are not only concerning about the Earth’s health, but also there are shifts happing in the customers’ behaviors as well.

Consumers have also added eco-friendliness to their qualifications for the products they buy. As per the recent data, 26% of European citizens only buy eco-friendly products. With this data, in order to succeed in the market companies will need to adapt eco-friendliness.

There are several marketing ways to promote eco-business. Whether you are running eco-store, hotel, café or flower boutique- there are marketing tools for every type of the business.

I have prepared a list of tips on how to market your eco-friendly business.

Before sharing the marketing tips, I would like to tell you the eco-friendly marketing requirements.

Eco-Friendly Marketing Requirements:

  • Your products and services must be chemicals free.
  • Your products are manufactured by following the eco-friendly requirements.
  • Your products can be recycled.
  • Your products are free from plastic packaging.
  • Your products are designed to be reusable over the long-term.

If your brand meets with the above-mentioned requirements then you can follow my marketing tips.

Top Actionable Tips that will Help you in Market your Eco-Friendly Business

  1. It Needs to be a Cultural

Eco-friendliness must be a prime part of your company. Your vision and mission statements should clarify your company’s commitment to the environment. Eco-friendly won’t work until you deep down in the practice of safeguarding the environment.

2. Your Products is Built to the Last

Single-use plastic, products manufactured by using toxic chemicals, and fast fashion are opposite of eco-friendliness. A eco-friendly product should be durable, made with the non-toxic material, and doesn’t harm the planet. You can also opt for green market if you guarantee your supply chain is climate conscious and clean.

3. Your products packaging is recyclable

If your products packaging is made with the single-use plastic, then you should check out the biodegradable packaging ideas. You can use jute bags, cardboard, recycle bags, cloth for packaging products.

4. Invest in digital Marketing

Gone are the days when businesses use traditional marketing to promote their products and services. In today’s era if you really want to grab the attention of the audience you need to invest your marketing efforts on the online platforms. Use social media platforms to present your eco-friendly efforts

5. Make your office More Energy Efficient

Do you know how much office appliances consume energy? Are you aware of it? If not, then think about it. You can substantially cut down the energy by following these practices-

  • Switch from computers to laptops.
  • Set sleep modes in all electronic devices.
  • Use power strips.
  • Buy energy star qualified products.
  • Use plug-in timers on water coolers and coffee machines.

6. Create Green Team

There must be a green team in the company who will keep an eye on every business operation. Plus, it brings innovative eco-friendly ideas that do only help in increasing sales but also reduce the carbon foot-prints.

Final Say:

Manufacturing and supplying eco-friendly products is surely a rising trend for the business, but more than that it, is one of those practices that can save the planet and make you an ideal model of an eco-friendly business.


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