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Sales are a transfer of emotions but people just sound like selling a credit card on phone. Instead of getting to know the problem


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Sales are a transfer of emotions but people just sound like selling a credit card on phone. Instead of getting to know the problem, they start selling on the very first call. Now, this pressure is put upon by various companies as they have to complete their targets. If you are a freelancer, business owner, entrepreneur, sales are must for all of you and the basis of every sale in cold calling. People come and tell me that cold calling is dead, it’s never a dead resource but a wonderful way to get leads and increasing the database.


1. Mastering your state of mind:

Whenever you are cold calling someone, have a positive attitude that caller is a potential prospect. Many salesmen are doing this huge mistake that they come by a negative attitude that I have to call 500 people and they will say NO only.

2. Call to see for a problem

Be a solution solver and before that a problem finder. You should sound like a professional or consultant rather than someone who is just fraud calling. Don’t pitch them your product in one way, but find the need first. Finding the need should be done within 20 seconds of the call because after that the party loses interest in your call.

3. Be very direct in the first 10 seconds

The first impression is the last impression on calls too. Now, this impression is based on your tonality and enthusiasm. Any language that you are speaking, you should be very fluent in it. Your voice should sound soothing and dominating on the same tone.

4. Never kick the GATEKEEPERS

Most startups do this mistake. They kick the gatekeepers i.e receptionist, personal assistant, etc. You need to find the decision-maker and talk to that person but many a time there will be the gatekeeper that is standing between them. Now to hack the gatekeeper you must sound like more professional and above his authority. For instance: If you act as a student and try to enter different school, the guard will throw you out but if you act as a parent, teacher he will let you in. Choose what you want to be for that day. A normal apprentice or an executive. Prefer the executive for all your cold callings.


5. Set your target

Target setting means that say in your mind that in every 10 calls I will get one good lead and will convert him or her.  Now what if you are unable to get 1 lead in 10, it simply means that in the next 10 calls all 10 will be leads. It’s a simple hack but will push you towards your goal and will create a positive atmosphere around you.

6. Stop listening to crying babies

The more you call, the more you will receive money. Never stop calling when someone is saying that it is luck or its hard. The sale is a hard thing but one of the highest paying careers ever.

7. Never cut call on a bad tone

Most salesmen are doing this mistake that whenever they call and if someone says no, they directly cut the phone. Instead of getting to know more, and if then also he or she isn’t interested, say: “Have a great day and if you need this service, we are always ready to help”. Understand that they are getting calls all day, your call should sound different from others and they should remember you.

8. Be a shameless promoter

Never be shy to ask for a referral if the company or individual isn’t interested in your product. Warm calls will provide a lot more leads and authority.


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