MBA & Chai: A business affair

A small-town boy, who wants to land in a prestigious B-School for his MBA degree, dreaming of earning hefty money and have a financially stable life. Despite all his efforts and hard work, he was unable to secure a seat in an esteemed B-School but his dedication was way rigid than his failures. He failed, stood up and shining bright. This is the story of MBA Chaiwala ,Mr Prafull Billore.


Abhishek Chauhan

2 years ago | 3 min read

"Don't be afraid togive up the good to go for the great." — John D. Rockefeller

Theselines have motivated a ton of business visionaries, it seems magnetic as weread but when it comes to approaching the subtleties of the statement over 90%of individuals neglects to figure out it.It takes courage, smart decision making and confidence in owncapabilities to give up the good to go for the great. One of those folks is Mr.Praful Billore, pioneer behind MBA Chaiwala which was incepted in 2017 withsimply a modest quantity like Rs 8000 and presently in matter of 4 years itessentially values more than 4 crores.

Mr.Praful Billore started working as a sales rep at Amway after completion of hisundergraduate degree. He was earning a decent amount of 25000 per month butlike all ambitious student dream, he wants to get into a prestigious B-Schoolto get his management degree along with a handsomely paid job. He wants toexplore the world of entrepreneurship and business but after understanding thenuances of corporate. He began planning for the CAT test which is one of themost acknowledged tests for management entrances in esteemed B-Schools ofIndia. Despite all the difficult work he put in, unfortunately he was unable toclear the tests, he was rigid, he failed but stood up and started everythingall over again but the fate had different ways. He failed again, working as youprepare for management entrances is never going to be effectively manageable,Mr. Billore realised this but kept his spirits high and never let himself turneddown. He left no stone unturned during his preparation for CAT exam and wasunsuccessful to secure a seat in an esteemed B-School.

Thismade him realize that he is not made for CAT exam, despite all the diligence,will power and focus he displayed during his preparations he was unable to go through.He dropped the plan of being an MBA graduate from one of the reputed managementschools of India. Now you all must be thinking that what might be said aboutall the difficult work, time and endeavours he invested, however as is commonlysaid " Hard work pays off" He didn't know that, he will procure morethan whatever an MBA graduate would have acquired in that short span of time.

Duringthis period, he confronted numerous business challenges that an entrepreneur goesthrough during initial phase of business. He is devoted to the wise statement “Dream big, startsmall, act now,” Mr. Billore utilized his skills acquired during job quitewell to start his business. He convinced hospital authorities with hisimpeccable and pervasive pitching skills, from that day Mr. Billore neverlooked back. At first people derided him,likewise declared him as a failure however his emotionalquotient was too tough for these things, he kept networking, gaining frombotches and most significantly stood strong against everything that came inbetween him and his ambitions.

Hisfirst tea stall which he setup after numerous challenges was named as MBACHAIWALA, where MBA stands for Mr. Prafull Billore as per him but people linkedit with Masters of Business Administration as they were probably aware how hardhe worked to crack CAT exam.As the timeelapsed, MBA Chaiwala began turning into people's favourite, Mr. Billore'spersona and his story inspired a ton of people to visit and try a hot cuttingchai from MBA Chaiwala. He realized that how much power great communicationholds and Mr. Billore exploited it successfully. His unique business ideas alsoact as a magnetic attribute to attract the customers like a different compartmentfor the job seekers, which acts as a linking bridge between employer and thejob seeker.

All his brilliance and sheer dedication toachieve the target has always been a focal point of inspiration for a lot ofyouth out there who lives in a dilemma that being unable to crack an examproves them a failure or they still have more opportunities approaching thereway. Mr Billore is a conventional source of motivation for the buddingentrepreneurs, and will keep surprising us with his business acumen.


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