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This Text-to-video generation is a banger (not from Meta)

When a movie based on your favorite novel/book is out, how many times have you thought that reading that book was more vivid than the movie produced. I feel that's an injustice to for the scriptwriter too for having an amazing script but not so amazing movie.

2 minute video

The movie generated is just not a stitching of multiple images, (what I saw on Meta’s website), it’s a whole sequence of camera angles, lights, surroundings to make it feel like a movie. This 2-minute story was generated using a long sequence of prompts, on an older version of the model

Lots of traffic in futuristic city. An alien spaceship arrives to the futuristic city. The camera gets inside the alien spaceship. The camera moves forward until showing an astronaut in the blue room. The astronaut is typing in the keyboard. The camera moves away from the astronaut. The astronaut leaves the keyboard and walks to the left. The astronaut leaves the keyboard and walks away. The camera moves beyond the astronaut and looks at the screen. The screen behind the astronaut displays fish swimming in the sea. Crash zoom into the blue fish. We follow the blue fish as it swims in the dark ocean. The camera points up to the sky through the water. The ocean and the coastline of a futuristic city. Crash zoom towards a futuristic skyscraper. The camera zooms into one of the many windows. We are in an office room with empty desks. A lion runs on top of the office desks. The camera zooms into the lion's face, inside the office. Zoom out to the lion wearing a dark suit in an office room. The lion wearing looks at the camera and smiles. The camera zooms out slowly to the skyscraper exterior. Time-lapse of sunset in the modern city.

I can't wait to put my fantasy stories that I wrote as a kid to turn into movie with click of a button.


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