Mental Health affecting Physical Health

Both Mental health, as well as Physical health, should be given priority. Your psychological state plays a vital role in determining your physical well-being and vice versa.


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Sub Theme: Mental Health affecting Physical Well-Being.

Personal development on behalf of me has always been about how I take care of my mental health as well as my physical well-being. There are days when I have felt physically drained after not having a good day or not being in the correct mind space. We usually perceive the mind and body to be two separate things and sometimes assume or neglect how closely they are related. Your psychological state plays a vital role in determining your physical well-being and vice versa.

Studies show that a declining psychological state can have adverse effects on your physical health, a number of them being- fatigue, nausea, sleeplessness, etc. plenty of taboos exist when it comes to taking care of your mental health, although the days are changing and there are plenty of resources available today but people still like to be ‘hush-hush’ when it comes to actually speak up about it. The more we ignore early signs of declining psychological states like; not being able to get up, finding it difficult to finish daily chores, or simply very unnoticeable things like delaying things that require change or that demand you to go out, the more at-risk you tend to urge. We frequently have a tendency to not focus on something that’s not physically visible to the naked eye which is why we kind of shove these thoughts in one corner and go on about our day. Merely ignoring it and turning a blind eye towards it isn’t really visiting be of any help.

Researchers have conducted studies that show that one reason for the rise in respiratory disease, heart condition, and cancer risk is that individuals with mental health conditions are less likely to seek care for their physical health. The psychological state Foundation reported that those who take part in mental health services are statistically less likely to receive many routine checks, like weight, cholesterol, and vital signs, that would identify health concerns early on.

Effects psychological state has on Physical Health:

Sleep Problems

It has been concluded in reports that around 50-80 percent people who have mental health conditions also suffer from sleeping problems which in turn worsens their physical health.

Increased dependence on substances

Nicotine stimulates the extent of dopamine in our brain. It's found that people with depression have low dopamine levels which is why they may end up using cigarettes as a way of temporarily increasing their dopamine levels. People with a psychological state condition are found to be dependent on a substance more as compared to people without.

Lack of motivation

Low psychological state can reduce your energy levels which people may confuse with laziness. Some people find it difficult to even get out of their beds and perform because they don’t have the energy or motivation to take care of themselves.

Less likely to receive Medical Assistance

Health care providers can make the idea that your physical issues are related to your mental illness and stop looking into them. People that suffer from mental illnesses are less likely to undergo standard examinations (such as those for cholesterol, vital signs , and weight) that would help identify early signs of physical health disorders.

Physical symptoms may additionally accompany mental health issues. Because our bodies and minds are intertwined, it's not surprising that mental illness can have an impact on your physical health. Anxiety, as an example, may result in an upset stomach, and both depression and anxiety can cause headaches, exhaustion, and digestive issues. Other signs can include restlessness, inability to focus, and insomnia.

Both physical and psychological state are crucial aspects of overall health. As an example, depression raises the danger of many different physical health issues, especially chronic diseases like diabetes, heart condition, and stroke.

Ways to Take care of your Mental Health as well as Physical Health


Exercise increases the production of endorphins, the happy hormones. It assists in bringing about positive changes in your surroundings and makes you feel more physically effective. You only need the initial and ongoing push.


Sometimes letting your feelings out helps your heart feel a little lighter and provides much-needed mental clarity.

Look for a Professional

Professionals assist in working on your physical health in the same way that doctors assist with physical health. Asking for assistance when necessary is never a terrible idea.

The stigma attached to mental illness still makes it difficult to diagnose and treat the chronic physical ailments that plague those who have mental diseases. Multiple mechanisms exist for stigma to operate as a barrier. It may directly hinder access to medical care, and unpleasant past experiences may discourage people from seeking treatment out of concern about discrimination. 

Additionally, stigmatization can cause medical illnesses to be misdiagnosed as psychological in origin. This "diagnostic overshadowing" is a common occurrence that can lead to critical physical symptoms being overlooked or minimized. Customers have claimed that people should still be treated for their physical complaints even though physical symptoms like pain are indications of psychological suffering.


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