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Mental Health and wellbeing - A highly important and yet not widely aware


Bhavana BP

2 years ago | 1 min read

Well, no two days are the same.

Let’s accept it. if it is the same for you, please let me know how you so.
The are days we feel low and days that are simply bright and beautiful.

What you do on those days you feel down matters more than what you do on days you feel you can accomplish anything!

Yes. I am referring to those days that you do not want to get out of your bed. The nights that keep you awake until way past midnight. The days you don’t feel hungry or eat excessively. The days you don’t wish to talk to anyone. Yes. It is those days I am referring to. You get my point.

What do you do at such times? However crazy and difficult it may seem, get up and make your bed. Keep yourself hydrated. Smile at yourself in the mirror, even if a faint fake one. Talk to one person you can trust fully or write your thoughts & feelings down. Show up for the day and let things unfold. Or take the day off and sleep, you need that rest. If you do the above, congratulations, you’ve slayed most of your monsters!!

Talk about it. It’s okay to ask for help. Your tribe will always be ready to stand by you.
I could hold space for you. I’m reachable in case you need me (even if it means you only want a patient ear, I’m here to listen)

How do you manage during your thin times? The days you don’t want to get out of bed
The days when you have no energy to proceed further.
The days when life isn’t clear.


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