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​”Metaverse” is a name that has emerged with the development of the Internet in recent years, so what is “Metaverse”? To understand the wave of exploration of the Metaverse, it is necessary to understand the ins and outs of the Metaverse, so that we can better grasp the current coordinates of the Metaverse, avoid missing the opportunities brought about by the origin and development of the Metaverse, and be able to clearly understand, fully prepare, Actively adapt.

Two Origins of the Metaverse

Metaverse Development Company describes a vast virtual space, which is the Internet of the future. The first generation of Internet is the era of personal computers (PC), the second generation is the era of mobile Internet, and the third generation of Internet is the future Internet, which is composed of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, digital twins, big data, Internet of Things , cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other digital intelligence technologies, it will be a persistent, shared, three-dimensional space.

The social and technological origins of the Metaverse reflect the dialectical unity of productivity and production relations.

1. Social origin

In the 1950s and 1960s, Western society was full of material desires, and people indulged in the consumption of symbols and objects in the trap of superficial affluence. Later, the “middle class” rose in some parts of the world. Their holiday and leisure time increased, and their working hours were relatively reduced. Many people gradually lost themselves in material consumption, their interpersonal relationships gradually became empty, and society was constantly objectified and alienated. Under the shadow of cynicism and hostility, people want to find spiritual sustenance, pray for spiritual purification, and get some comfort.

Man has biological and spiritual functions, which are integrated and inseparable. In order to survive and develop basicly such as food, clothing and housing, human beings always exert their biological functions and rarely use their mental functions. However, spiritual function is still very important, and human beings yearn for the spiritual world more in higher-level needs. However, only when people’s physical labor is less and material needs are guaranteed to a certain extent, can the real world and the spiritual world be better connected. The replacement of human labor by robots has just such a development trend, and it is believed that there will be conditions to fully exert human mental functions in the future. That sci-fi universe will conditionally become reality.

2. Origin of technology

The initiation and development of science and technology is the most reliable way to turn an ideal and science fiction into reality. What people can think, technology will generally shape for us. The development of science and technology makes this sentence more and more like the truth.

One is to create a virtual environment. The emergence of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in the 1960s, which generated the earliest virtual environment, seems to reflect people’s urgent needs for a virtual spiritual world.

The second is the small integration of virtual technology. In the 1990s, virtual reality and augmented reality set off an upsurge. After Qian Xuesen learned about virtual reality technology, he thought of using it in the level of human-computer integration and human brain development, and named it “Spiritual Realm”. The combined experience brings the combination of human and computer into the era of deep integration.

As virtual reality and augmented reality are gradually merging, the two complement each other to form mixed reality (MR), which enables real-time interaction between synthetic objects and real objects.

Two Developments of the Metaverse

After the creation of the Metaverse Development Services it must not only move towards the ultimate vision of people’s science fiction and ideals, but also respect reality, follow the rules, and advance step by step and conditionally. In particular, it is necessary to clarify the difference between long-term and short-term development, so as to prevent confusing the setting of different goals for long-term and short-term development. For a while, some people mistook the long-term development for the short-term development, and lost their rational guidance on the development of the Metaverse, resulting in ups and downs in related investments. Therefore, we must be vigilant against the recurrence of such phenomena and protect people’s confidence in the development of the Metaverse.

1. Long-term development

There is an ultimate vision for the future development of the metaverse, which is to usher in a metaverse era. As an era, regardless of the participants, functions, and technological conditions, recent developments are different.

First, on the subject, the people who participate in the metaverse should be the majority. At that time, robots may replace the labor and work of a considerable number of people. Human beings are mainly engaged in intelligent labor. In addition, after the widespread use of robots, the distribution system will be changed accordingly. People’s material and cultural consumption may be guaranteed, and many people will be engaged in science and technology and research. , entertainment, games, creation and other intelligent labor to obtain spiritual happiness.

The Metaverse is a virtual world environment parallel to the physical world, which is just suitable for human beings to work on spirit, culture, intelligence, and creation. This is a bit like the description of the all-round development of people and the association of free people envisioned by Marx.

2. Recent development

Restricted by factors such as technology and social conditions, the recent metaverse can only be a partial and exploratory development. Although the individual technologies that make up the metaverse have matured in industrial applications, the integration of multiple technologies still needs to be continuously honed and perfected in the exploration and operation of the metaverse mechanism. Therefore, recent developments will have some deficiencies in comparison to future metaverses.

First, on the main body, extensive social participation will not be formed for the time being. Because most people do not have more time and mood to enter the virtual world due to real employment and material life needs. The metaverse being explored in the near future is likely to be a new generation of digital natives, intellectuals, middle class, leisure people. Even if most people come in, the technology and content are unbearable and unsatisfactory.

Second, in terms of function, some functions are still immature or have not yet been produced. The Metaverse, which incorporates the overall technology, cannot dabble in more industries, nor can it become a kind of daily life for people.

Prepare for adaptation

The sudden emergence of the metaverse is a bit confusing to many people. In addition to the above-mentioned origin and development of the foreshadowing, there are three aspects of adaptation.

One is progressive adaptation in technology. All kinds of commonly used network links are upgraded quickly without knowing it. Fixed telephones connect fixed locations, mobile communications and the Internet enable everyone to communicate with each other, the Internet of Things connects everything, and the Metaverse Development solution will connect locations, people, and objects in a three-dimensional scene.

The second is the adaptation from plane application to three-dimensional application. Now, we live in the real world, but we also live in some virtual worlds such as WeChat, blogs, and Douyin. WeChat is like a flat metaverse. Pictures, share all kinds of life. For most people, the personalities and social relationships shown in offline and online life are not much different. But there are also many people who are completely different online and offline. They are taciturn in life, but they talk endlessly on the Internet.

The metaverse of the future is a three-dimensional and dynamic version of every small flat metaverse seen today. Huawei, Ali, Tencent, Baidu,, ByteDance, Meituan, Xiaomi, Mate, Apple, Amazon, and all other technology companies we see today are advancing a metaverse of technological integration.

The third is the adaptation from partial application to extensive application. The current entertainment, games, conventions and exhibitions, training, education, sports, tourism, and some pioneering physical industries often use the metaverse, which is a kind of exercise for the future daily life and work application of the metaverse, which will naturally transition to the metaverse commonly used.

Consciously pay attention to the adaptation link, under the guidance of correct understanding, you will avoid detours, follow logic, and turn rational understanding into conscious behavior.

In short, to seize the opportunity of the origin and development of the metaverse and make their own choices lies in a deep understanding and adaptation to the wave of exploration of the metaverse.


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