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What is Metaverse? Everything You Need to Know

A mix of new-age technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and blockchain, coupled with the power social media can give life to a metaverse – probably the hottest topic in Silicon Valley right now. So, get ready to see a lot more people roaming around you with VR headsets plugged-in, probably 24*7, busy creating an alternate life for themselves, buying apparel, food, virtual pieces of art and even real estate.


Aksh j

4 months ago | 1 min read


Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg rebranded the social media company to Meta, not many would have clearly understood the big bold step. At that time, Zuckerberg had said that the change will aim to emphasize more on the company’s vision of “metaverse”.

But what exactly is metaverse and why someone like Mark Zuckerberg is getting all pumped up about it? Well, to begin with, he’s not the first billionaire to have flirted with the idea of the metaverse, as Amazon’s co-founder Jeff Bezos has already done his fair share of hanky-panky with the internet’s potential to change how we live.

Cryptocurrency in Metaverse 

In the metaverse, cryptocurrencies or fungible tokens are taking over the real currency in the metaverse because, in the end, you need simple monies to fuel the ‘digital economy’. And indeed metaverse is one economy that you may want to put your money in. 

Cryptocurrencies replace money in the metaverse. They surely work like virtual cash in the metaverse. But thanks to the power of crypto, transactions are fast and smooth, probably unlike the real world. 

Most existing metaverses use cryptocurrency as a payment mode. But they can have their own crypto tokens or can accept other popular coins to make the payments easier and simpler.


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