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Metaverse and Future

the emerging future@metaverse


Bhagyasree Sambangi

3 months ago | 4 min read



The future we are awaiting for, the world of artificial intelligence has arrived. But there is still something bigger than that, something more flexible to interact, providing a bigger medium for interaction..,i.e the “metaverse”. It is a 3D illusion.., virtual medium which resembles the real world closely through which we are much more accessible to things around us.


The technology is growing faster day by day. Today the things are getting managed and done within few seconds or minutes is that due to fast growing technology which is the cyber security and artificial intelligence till today. But thereafter we are going to experience things in a more closer manner.., we are going to experience a virtual world which we call it as metaverse. It is a digital space creating a three dimensional environment enabling people to interact as close as possible.., as in real world. This is going to be our future thereafter…


The term “Metaverse” can be traced back to Neal Stephenson and his novel “Snow Crash”. There is a major revolution from computers to tablets to mobiles to microprocessors and this is not the end. There is an other world where we could not only watch but also look, feel and experience whatever we build. This is going to emerge by the end of the decade as a boom in many fields.., like in medicine, education, business, marketing, agriculture and all many other. We are going to learn everything closer. The building block of this boom is extended reality technology through which we are making the things possible. Through this metaverse we are going to erase the differences between the digital technologies and physical world creating a 3D virtual space environment. We will be able to create a universe allowing to create our own imaginary landscapes in which we can sustain in a digital manner. This is a transition from 3D googles to 3D environment. It can be termed as a second life. The technology used here is the augmented reality , virtual reality which are extended reality technologies. It seems like we are involved in a video game physically, that is the metaverse technology.

This is already being emerged in few regions where in like massively multiplayer online role playing game. Here people all around the world play games, do lot many things in a three dimensional way using metaverse. This technology involves the use of both hardware and software components. this is the 3D model of a web browser where there is more scope for understanding things better. Moreover this allows us to create our own imaginary virtual world resembling the real world. Humans are the most intelligent people in this world..,who are creating and discovering unbelievable things from a flipflop to a computer to a smartphone to artificial intelligence which lead to metaverse today.This is not going to be the end there will be more and more further.further.Till next decade this is going to be our future.future.We are going to apply this great application in educational field for the sake of high quality education teaching in a more efficient way using four dimentional view in simple medical field to view organs and to study species more clearly..,in business field to explain and construct things better ..,in gaming field..where we just get involved..,in enviroment and all other fields.

Today it is being used as a buzzword in various rekated technologies and projects.projects.It is first used in a movie involving world in virtual way.way.It Can be applied in the fields where we look for high productivity,interactive learning, real estate and fashions etc.etc.This technology involves the usage of both hardware and software. Dependence on VR technology gives least development and wide scale reqirement.reqirement.It has few limitations which are need to be overcomed.overcomed.Since it need to be balanced with case of all views like cost,availability it caused poor effects.Currently it is focused on overcoming limitations that caused poor effects and improving the virtual technology.The other is the software component.


Information privary is concerned in every field under all aspects.aspects.Since here we are going to interact in a more efficient and feasible manner we are going to do this using the passwords and biometrics there is a high chance of privacy question.Metaplatforms are planning to employ targeted advertising raising further worries related to spread of misinformation.min.Hence this too need to kept in view.


As every action has both advantages and disadvantages this too involves the same. This has a great scope of interaction with the world and provides a much more opportunity to learn and express oneself. In parallel user addiction and problematic social media concern bothers. Internet addiction,video gaming addiction makes people loose their active state whiwhich is a disadvantage and something that need to be backdroped.backdroped.Addiction to these things can cause physical and mental problemproblems. It may cause eye strain,depression,anxiety,obesity,cardiovascular diseases.


Thus it is going to be our future wherein we can create a world of our own interact with people all around the world, feel and experience things as if in real world. This is an extension of virtual technology using VR and AR as a mixed version. This is going to emerge by the end of this decade as of top leading companies in the world like facebook and all.


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