Which Microsoft Azure Certification Path Is Right For Me?

Microsoft Azure which was launched in 2010 has now been the 2nd most used public cloud computing platform. It provides various cloud services such as analytics, storage, networking, etc. Azure aims to help businesses manage challenges to meet their organizational goals.


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Microsoft Azure which was launched in 2010 has now been the 2nd most used public cloud computing platform. It provides various cloud services such as analytics, storage, networking, etc. Azure aims to help businesses manage challenges to meet their organizational goals. 

In the modern era, cloud computing is becoming one of the fastest-growing technologies. According to one IDC report, the revenue of cloud computing services in the year 2023 is estimated to grow up to $500 billion. 

Microsoft has a 29% market share in cloud computing. Becoming an Azure certified professional is the most demanding certification path in the cloud market. These certifications give a kickstart to careers and enterprises. 

Are you also the one amassing the Microsoft Azure Certification? Then this article is adequate for you. We have procured important points you should know about Microsoft 10  Azure certifications. So,  quickly gather your concentration and dive into the article below. 

What are Microsoft Azure Certifications? 

Microsoft Azure Certifications focuses on building knowledge and skills related to market roles. 
In total Microsoft has 12 certifications with 14 exams. Fundamental, Associate, and Expert are the three levels in which these certifications are organized. 

These certifications give you power up in your resume. That will help you out get your feet inherited from the floor of cloud careers. Upskill with Microsoft Azure Certifications. 

We have brought for your fundamentals, associate, and expert level certifications. Just go through it and get acquainted with the basics of all the certifications. 

Fundamental Certifications

1.Microsoft Azure fundamentals Exam AZ-900

This certification validates the fundamental knowledge of Azure Cloud services. It is a basic level so even nontechnical can understand cloud services that offer services such as sales,  purchasing, marketing azure services. This helps one learn how these services are provided by Microsoft. 

All the cloud-related basic concepts are covered in this. Azure resource managers, Azure architectural components, and Azure free service as well as subscription-related studies, are covered in this certification. 

2.Microsoft Azure Al Fundamental Exam Al-900

The one acquiring this certification must have the basic knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Along with this you also need to know how you can implement them on Microsoft Azure. 

Fundamental principles of machine learning on Azure. Features of conversational AI workloads, computer vision loads, and Azure tools and services are the areas covered under this certification. 

3. Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Exam DP-900 

This certification validates foundational knowledge, core and data concepts, and how they are used in the Microsoft Azure platform. How you can implement it in the azure architecture.

Core data workloads and core concepts of data analysts.PaaS IaaS and SaaS delivery models and side learning of data ingestion and processing on  Azure, and how to view them on Microsoft Power BI.
All these areas are covered in this certification.Associate-level Microsoft Azure Certifications.

4. Azure administrator Associate Exam AZ-104 

In this certification, the candidate's knowledge in configuration and compute storage management is tested. This certification is an updated version of Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-103.

Monitoring the organization's Microsoft Azure environment. This is what you learn in this certification specifically.

Creating and configuring VMs, web apps, containers. Configure and manage virtual networking in all these areas are covered under this certification.

5. Microsoft Azure Developer Exam AZ-204 

The one who wants to acquire Microsoft Azure Developer Certification has to be acquainted with building designing and testing Azure-based apps and services. Candidates must have proficient programming languages of Azure and professional experience of at least 1-2 years with Microsoft Azure.

Monitoring Azure services such as developing code to implement CDN. Taking part in all the phases of cloud development such as Developing solutions for cosmos, blob, and DB storage and Developing events and message-based solutions. These are important areas covered in this certification.

6. Microsoft Azure Security Engineer-Associate Exam AZ-500

This certification exam deals with security services.  The one who has experience as a security engineer can apply for this certification.  Also, for the one who wants to work as a security associate in Azure-related platforms, getting this certificate is a must. 

It is Microsoft's whole new role-based program and it's not at all easy to get this certification. You need to have thorough knowledge then only you can pass the exam and get a certificate. 

Configure Secure access by using Azure AD. Manage and monitor application access and secure access are included under this certification. 

7.Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate EXAM DP-100

One needs to know data science and machine learning to acquire this certification. This exam measures your knowledge in both data science as well as technology 

Azure machine learning and data bricks.  Managing and optimizing models, deploying machine learning into production are the areas covered under this certification. 

8.Azure AI Engineer Associate Exam AI-100

For this certification, one should know about cognitive services and implement Microsoft AI solutions which include natural language processing, bot framework, and computer vision. 

This certification includes designing and implementing an Azure AI solution. Designing and implementing AI apps, Azure data storage, and Azure Bot Services. 

Expert Level Microsoft Certifications. 

9.Microsoft Azure Architect  technologies - AZ-300

The one acquiring for this course is expected to have knowledge related to IT operations including networking, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

This certification is basically for IT professionals. 
Along with that they also have skills in Azure administration and experience with Azure DevOps processes. Roles in these certifications are to implement load balancing and network security, Azure IaaS computing, SQL databases, etc.

10. Microsoft Azure DevOps Certification- AZ 400

For getting this certification you must have a Microsoft azure administrator associate certificate.

This certification includes managing source control, collaboration, and communication. Implementing continuous integration and delivery strategies in Azure. 


So, we have described the 10 certifications of the Azure, choose the one you are fit for and get the certification for yourself.  Now since everything is functioning online these certifications are also available online. Azure online training in Noida lets you prepare yourself the best way for these certifications.  Get trained by professionals and acquire Azure certifications of your interest. Good luck with your career in Microsoft Azure. 

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