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Microsoft Teams Tricks & Benefits for Businesses

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based office suite designed specifically for busy teams working in collaboration. Here are our top tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of Microsoft Teams.


Wavetel Business Limited

5 months ago | 4 min read

Microsoft Teams is a chat and collaboration platform that lets you communicate across devices, teams, and the internet. You can use Microsoft Teams to connect with your team members in real-time, share files and get feedback, schedule meetings and coordinate with clients. Learn how to integrate Microsoft Teams with your business workflow so you can collaborate more effectively. This article will cover some cool tricks, features, and benefits that can help your business grow faster.


Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based office suite designed specifically for busy teams working in collaboration. Whether you’re tracking a project, discussing ideas, brainstorming new tactics, or sharing meeting notes and files, Microsoft Teams lets you do it all within one unified platform. The service offers several unique features that make it ideal for businesses of any size and industry. Microsoft Teams is easy to use and can be accessed from any device, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

The chat-based workspace in Microsoft Teams gives each user theirown personal space to write, share documents, and hold private conversations.But what makes this different from other chat programs like Skype or Slack? Forone thing, it connects your Office 365 experience across desktop and mobiledevices. But the real power of Microsoft Teams is its integration with the rest of Office 365, like SharePoint and OneNote.

Tips & Tricks For

Here are our top tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of Microsoft Teams:

1. Set up notifications for whatmatters to you. Microsoft Teams hasa lot of tools built in to make it easier for you to focus on what's important.You can customize what you see so that only important information appears inyour feeds, or you have control over who can send messages directly to you.

2. Use the shared workspace toeasily find and assemble documents. The shared workspace in Microsoft Teams is an excellent placeto store anything you need to reference later, like presentations or documentsyou're working on. It's easier than hunting down everywhere that document isstored on your PC or email inbox, and it's visible for everyone else as well.

3. Share updates about your work soyour team will be up-to-date. The updates feed makes it really easy to shareprogress on your work and get feedback from your team. And if you want morecontrol, you can set up channels to quickly create conversations aroundspecific topics.

4. Use channels to organizediscussions into categories. Channels make it easier for you and your team tostay focused on the topic of your current discussion without getting distractedby all the other updates in the overview tab. If a channel gets too noisy, youcan opt to mute the conversation and still get notified about anything new thatcomes in.

5. Use OneNote to capture your ideasand conversations throughout the day. The Outlook connectors for Microsoft Teams let you record an ideafor later or attach a document directly from Office 365 to a team channel orchat. When you include links to Office 365 documents, people on your team canclick on them right from Teams and stay in context while they're viewing thatfile.

6. Get a quick summary of updates inthe Overview tab. The new redesigned Overview tab in Microsoft Teams shows you what's happening across your channelswith just one click. It takes out all the friction typically associated withswitching between apps to find information and accomplish your goals.

7. See the status of your work inprogress and get feedback on drafts. Team chat in Teams makes it easy to get aquick update on your work. You can quickly send a draft out to the team so theycan have a say in what you're working on, or you can go right to the progressfeed and get your own status updated in real-time.

You can also attach files directly from Office 365 to any channel or chat in Microsoft Teams, so everyone involved can stay up-to-date on your latest work.

8. Review documents before sendingthem out. If you're collaborating on a document with your team and have a copyin OneDrive for Business, you can easily attach it to the chat or channel whereyou're working. When you do, everyone who's part of that conversation will seean integrated view of what's changed without ever having to leave the Teamsapp.


Microsoft recently added new features to Microsoft Teams. Here’sa list of all Microsoft Teams features and how they can help you at work: SharePoint integration – your team members can share documents with each other on SharePoint and collaborate in real-time directly from their chat tabs in Microsoft Teams. And, it is integrated deeply into Outlook/Office 365. Connectivity with services like GitHub, Google Calendar, Twitter, and more allows for one-click collaboration from within your chats.

Benefits for companies

Microsoft has made a splash in recent years by acquiring several innovative startups and launching new, usefulapps. From its intelligent Microsoft Office products to impressive cloudstorage services, there’s one more thing you can add to your list of Microsoftdoes it best: Microsoft Teams. Thebusiness-focused Slack competitor is quickly becoming an industry favourite forsmall businesses and large enterprises alike. So if you haven’t started usingit yet, what are you waiting for?

The Future Of Collaboration Is Here!

Collaboration has revolutionized business. And today, collaboration is no longer limited to team meetings and email exchanges. Microsoft’s latest cloud-based offering, Microsoft Teams (formerly known as Office 365 Groups), brings a complete set of integrated applications that make it easy for organizations of all sizes to collaborate more efficiently in real-time.

Why Choose Wavetel As Your Direct Routing Provider?

In Microsoft Teams, you can make and receive calls from externalsources using Direct Routing. Traditionally, you used to have a phone systeminstalled on-site to operate a PBX system. With SIP 2teams, SIP Trunkingcapabilities are built directly into the MicrosoftTeams service. Since Wavetel automates the integration process, you do nothave to set up PowerShell scripts to connect.

So what are you waiting for? Switch to Microsoft Teams today and startcollaborating more efficiently with your colleagues. The expert at our companywill review your requirements and get the most competitive price based on theinformation you provide. Wavetel's customer service, technical services andsupport are second to none. We're constantly looking for ways to improve theservice we provide to our customers. 


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