How to make millions on Youtube in 2020

A recipe for success on Youtube


Allegue Wessim

3 years ago | 3 min read

Nowadays so many YouTubers are generating meaningful revenue and the top ones are making millions of dollars. As a marketer, it is crucial to understand the recipe that turns videos viral. So analyzing the famous Youtubers like Pewdepie, MrBeast and Offline TV here are for you the common traits that they use to ensure the success of their videos.

1-The viral video formula

Most of the trending videos on Youtube are in general around the same subjects:

  • Reaction
  • Money related
  • Challenges
  • Collaborations
  • Pranks
  • Drama

Due to the number of content creators out there, it became harder to be really successful using the different elements of this previous list. Offline TV members, which are gaming streamers mostly that live together, are a master at combining almost every element on this list in almost every video. People are hooked in general when there are multiple layers involved in your storytelling.

2- Document the journey:

  • Brand over product

It is crucial that you will be perceived as far more than just a product or another content creator. In order to achieve that, you will need to create a brand that translates your vision at that is easily recognizable by your audience. Cold sellers are not well perceived within the platform. Take your time in delivering the right message throughout your videos.

  • Growth plan

Don´t use the fake until you make it strategy. All the platform success stories understood the importance of transparency and communicating exactly where they were at in their growth plan. Self-assessment is a tool that always needs to be sharpened, and being authentic can only empower you to create better content.

  • Invest

You can´t divide your attention over the so may social media platforms at the same time. If your goal is to truly become one of the best content creators out there, you need to treat it like a true business. Investing a big part of your revenue will ensure a constant evolution of your channel.

3-Set your video up for success:

  • Mobile-Friendly:

Be aware that the majority of your audience will consume your content on a mobile device. It is crucial to adapt your videos and thumbnail to a mobile format. Always pay attention to how your content is being watched.

  • Thumbnail:

Now you need to be aware here: It´s not about how beautiful it looks but it is more about trying to captivate your audience. You need to put together creatively the elements of the video that makes it unique. One of the metrics that the Youtube algorithm take into consideration is the Click Through Rate. Make sure to make your thumbnail as unique and tailor-made as possible even if it looks somehow amateur made.

  • SEO:

First of all, you need to be sure to have a killer title. It´s the same concept as it is for writing articles. It also influences CTR in a major way. One of the most talented Youtubers at creating titles that you can´t miss is MrBeast the teenager comes up regularly with genius ideas like Spending 1,000,000$ in 24 hours or I opened a free bank. I invite you to study his channel.

Second, make sure to list your video with the right keywords so it is put in front of people that are interested in your content. You can use VidIQ to study the competition channels and come out with your own lists.

  • Intro:

As the majority of the successful content on youtube is between 10 to 20 minutes, you need to make sure to make a teaser for your video within the first 10 sec to retain your viewer. You need to include also elements of suspense so he will be starving to watch your video until the end. And that´s the second metric that the Youtube algorithm uses in order to judge your video.

  • Storytelling:

Now that your viewer is captivated by your video, you need to take him into a journey where he will have different emotions. Include catchy fillers as well so your video doesn't fill too heavy for your user. Never forget that storytelling is a skill, and if you never had the chance to practice it, I invite you at least to read about the fundamentals so that you will have clear ideas in mind on how to shape your stories.

4-Build a solid community

  • Audience:

One of the hardest parts that content creators find after creating a viral video is to reproduce the same phenomenon. Most people fail to generate enough momentum in order to ensure their growth. That´s why you should always aim to create content for your audience and to answer to their needs.

  • Engage:

Like other social platforms, engagement is key to create noise around your channel. So make sure to answer every comment, and to engage with other Youtubers that you feel close to. Stay close to your audience to learn and improve each time.

  • Give back:

Never forget that without the views and the engagement of your audience you would never be able to gain that money. It is only logical to give back to them and to try to help the people that have been there to you. Kindness is still a winning strategy.


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