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On March 28, it was announced that Mizuki Yamamoto and Hey! Say! JUMP’s KeiInoo will star in a live action film adaptation of the popular manga “Peach Girl”,which will be released in 2017. Yamamoto will play the role of Momo Adachi, aformer member of the school swimming team who has distinct features of tannedskin and red hair. Inoo will play the role of Kairi Okayasu, the most popularstudent in school who becomes interested in Momo. The original manga is byMiwa Ueda, who has written numerous hit manga such as “Oh! My Darling” and“Papillon -hana to chou-“.

Due to Momo’s appearance, she often gets mistaken as being showy, but she isactually more pure than any other high schooler. Momo has liked Toji since hermiddle school days, and the school’s most popular student Kairi becomesinterested in this wholehearted girl. Meanwhile, Momo’s friend Sae Kashiwagi –who tends to want everything that Momo likes – sets numerous traps in anattempt to snatch Toji away from Momo. Kairi always rescues Momo from Sae’straps, and he comes to understand Momo more than anyone else. Who will Momoultimately choose – frivolous and carefree Kairi or straitlaced Toji?

Yamamoto, who will be starring in a romance movie for the first time, commented,“I was surprised by the setting of her dark skin tone,” she laughed. “I will workhard to act as pure and cute as Momo is in the original manga. I would like towork together with everyone to make this a cute and exciting movie that can beenjoyed by people who have and haven’t read the manga.”

This will be the first time for Inoo to appear and star in a movie. He commented,“I’m a little anxious, but I feel more happy and excited. Since I’m playing the roleof a high schooler, I’m looking forward to wearing a school uniform, which I haven’tdone in a while. I’ll work hard to make viewers like Kairi!”


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