Mobile App User Engagement Tips for Businesses

If you’ve been thinking about developing a mobile application for your business, In this article, we'll walk through some of the top strategies to increase user engagement with your app.


Aria Barnes

2 years ago | 3 min read

So you’ve built an app, but now what? It’s not enough to simply release it on the App Store and expect users to engage with it. In fact, as many as 60% of apps are only used once after downloading, and over 90% of downloaded apps aren’t used within the first 3 months of being downloaded – that’s where user engagement comes in. Without it, your app may never reach its full potential – which means it won’t be making you any money! Learn more about how to increase user engagement below.

What is User Engagement?

It’s what you want your users to do when they interact with your app. You might be looking for them to buy something, or simply to register with their information. Or, you might want them to call your phone line and talk about their experience using your app. Whatever it is that you want, there are several things that you can do—or hire app programmer to do—to increase user engagement and drive conversion.

Top Tips to Improve User Engagement

#1 – Make a great first impression

This is a great way to make users want to continue using your app. They need to know what it’s about and what they will get out of it. If you can’t communicate that in under 5 seconds, they’ll bounce from your app straight away. Ensure that you have a clear landing page or screen within your app that explains everything about it in layman’s terms so people who aren’t familiar with its technology understand how it works and how to use it.

#2 - Onboard your users like a PRO!

Make sure your users are having a great experience. One of the simplest ways to improve user engagement and retention is to make sure your users can sign up and start using your app as quickly as possible. This process should be quick, painless, and well-designed – similar to that of popular social media apps like Instagram or Facebook.

#3 – Announce new and useful features in the right way

When you make improvements or enhancements to your app, make sure you talk about it. Customers love apps that are frequently updated, and appreciate an explanation of what’s new in any given update. That way they know whether they should bother downloading it. It may be tempting to hide changes behind a nondescript bug fixes and performance improvements message, but that can backfire.

#4 – Offer relevant content and friendly design

People use mobile apps to accomplish tasks that are important to them. So, if you want people to engage with your app, you’ll need to create an experience that helps them perform these tasks easily and efficiently. When designing your app, remember to take users’ needs into account at each step of their journey.

#5 – Don’t forget to collect feedback

The best thing you can do to improve your skills is to get constant feedback from others. What are you currently doing well? Where could you use improvement? Feedback is one of those things that can make all of the difference in your career, so it’s very important that you seek it out regularly. If there are any people who have reviewed your work or have offered advice on how to improve, be sure to check in with them now and then to see if they have additional tips.


Now that you know increasing user engagement is up to you, your efforts, and the help that you can get through a third-party tool, you will be much better able to provide a better experience to your users and increase user engagement.

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