Mobile infotainment applications for smart cars

Cars are becoming more intelligent and businesses have a strong need for mobile apps, and they are winning ground in cars’ dashboards. So, prepare yourself for the next major platform: developing apps for use in automobiles.


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How many cars are there in the world?

Short answer? Many. Way too many

There are so many that if they were all parked nose-to-tail, the line would extend from Sydney to London, back to Sydney, back to London, and back to Sydney. At least, that’s what our basic calculations tell us.

So how many are there really?

The particular figures are a bit difficult to find, but Hedges Company says “There are 1.446 billion cars in the world in 2022. Most are in Asia, followed by Europe and North America. 19% of all vehicles are in the United States”, so we have to believe them. Check the full article here.

Do people use mobile apps on cars’ dashboards?

When it comes to automobiles, phone applications appear to be a point of conflict for nearly everyone. According to a J.D.Power survey, drivers are still dissatisfied with the performance of their smartphone apps.

What are apps for cars?

The use of mobile apps is winning grounds in cars’ dashboards. If you thought creating mobile applications for Android, iOS, and others was difficult, prepare for the next major platform: developing apps for use in automobiles. Four businesses are driving the effort to create a smart car using their OS:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • BlackBerry
  • Ford

Google created the Android Auto operating system, whereas Apple has CarPlay. They’ll function similarly, you connect your Android or iOS device to your car’s USB port, and the device will power the screen.

What do they do?

In terms of the in-car experience, thanks to built-in software and applications, our vehicles will be able to successfully interface with our mobile devices.

What most people don’t realize is that many developers working in a mobile app development firm have also built mobile applications that improve the driving experience, giving your smartphone strength, and turning it into a tool that fights distracted driving rather than causes it. Distracted driving apps encourage safe driving or even prohibit you from using your phone while driving to keep your focus off your phone and on the road.

There’s an app for every driving experience

Car apps were made to ease people’s lives, I’m sure of it. We went crazy with creating mobile apps for our mobile devices like food delivery apps, social networking apps, or even car-selling apps, and now it’s time to let the car app grow and shine.

  1. GPS apps
  2. Gas & fuel apps
  3. Parking apps
  4. Musing streaming apps
  5. Video streaming apps
  6. Bus booking apps
  7. Car maintenance & service apps
  8. Dashboard cam apps
  9. Hotel & restaurant booking apps
  10. Rental & booking apps
  11. Price comparison apps
  12. Packers & movers apps
  13. Taxi booking apps
  14. Cleaning services apps
  15. News apps
  16. Healthcare apps
  17. Mental health apps
  18. Weather apps
  19. To-do list apps
  20. Auto call answer apps
  21. Real-time voice-to-text messaging apps
  22. Email apps
  23. Blockchain apps
  24. eCommerce apps

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