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Five Quotes To Keep You Inspired During Tough Times!


Spreeha Dutta

2 years ago | 5 min read

1. “Don’t aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference.” — Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington, two time Academy award winner had mentioned in one of his speeches that people keep saying, “Always make sure you have something to fall back upon.” He went on to add that he never understood this concept of falling back since he would rather FALL FORWARD as that way he would atleast be able to see what he was going to hit.

I understand that our need to fall back upon something in case the worst comes is borne more out of our desire for security than our desire for success. ‘Taking care of our family, ‘paying off loans’, ‘buying a house’ seem to be THE ways to ensure smooth living. But if ask the people around you, everybody wants to make a difference.

But if we expend all our energy on frugal activities that everyone else seems to be doing, how do we hope to make a difference? To make that difference we always wanted to make, we have to do things differently from others.

Those missed 9000 shots never kept him from trying to make a difference. Because every time he chose to fall forward!
Those missed 9000 shots never kept him from trying to make a difference. Because every time he chose to fall forward!

Give the best of yourself in every task you perform, every conversation you engage in so that people remember you beyond that task or conversation. See these as instruments to channel your vitality and optimism to the world around you. And in doing so give your ordinary life an extraordinary turn.

And when you fail, remember to not look for options to fall back upon by relinquishing yourself to the secure activities that you are so accustomed to. This time, try again and FALL FORWARD. .

2. “When we are beautiful, it’s God’s gift to us. When we live our life beautiful, it’s our gift to God.”

I recently came across the story of a lady called Muniba Mazari — the iron lady of Pakistan. Go ahead google her, she is an inspiration! Since childhood she was commended for being very pretty and told anyone would want to marry her.

Almost as if the first criteria for a happy marriage was set to be your appearance. And set by who? By the conditioning of a gradually collapsing society. Yes, till date she indeed is very pretty but that is not what she is known for.

Her husband left her after she met with an accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. She was left with no hope of recovery but with a strong desire to change the world, something she had always harbored within her heart. Today she goes around the world inspiring millions of people through sheer resilience and determination.

Learning a Lesson of Life from Muniba Mazari

She is a constant reminder that one’s good looks or a sweet voice are but mere gifts that one is bestowed with. When you compliment these, you compliment their gifts but not the person. Instead look to appreciate what a person has created for himself;

the things he wasn’t born with, the sweet product of his determination, willpower, character. Because that is when you compliment the person himself and not his gifts.

After all you may have a baritone voice but unless you enforce it to inspire others with the magnitude of your words, arousing them into fruitful action, that gift you were blessed with stays but unused.

3. “Make your anger so expensive that no one can afford it and your happiness so cheap that everyone gets it for free.”

A basic awareness of the fact that both, anger and happiness alike are OUR very OWN CREATIONS; states of mind that we are in complete power to create at any point of time will lead us on the journey towards a more peaceful mind.

Will you still choose to respond to a situation with anger after knowing this? Anger that enslaves your mind and destabilizes your emotions! Don’t let the things you own, own you back in turn.

Remember to treat anger as your possession, not as a part of yourself. That is the reason you say “my anger”; because its something of yours but never will it be you!

Make Happiness the Principal Currency of your Life

So what will you consciously choose to create from now? Will you choose to water the fertile garden of your mind with happiness, peace, empathy or will you let the weeds of anger, dissatisfaction, self doubt grow over the soft green grass of your garden?

4. “We walk away from our dreams afraid we may fail, or worse yet, afraid we may succeed.” — William Forrester

What throws us off our trail to glory is not our fear of failure, but the apprehension and doubt of whether we are truly deserving of success. It is because we hold criticisms and downfalls closer to our hearts than praise and success.

We create a delusion in our head that something is so difficult to achieve that we end up sending vibrations of uncertainty towards what we want most. And doing this over time, reinforces our belief that we aren’t worthy of holding the trophy of our achieved dreams in the grip of our hands.

The only limits that we experience is not our incapacity but our failure to recognize that each of us have the capacity to get whatever we wish done.

Having unyielding faith on yourself before every step is what will get you through the entire staircase!
Having unyielding faith on yourself before every step is what will get you through the entire staircase!

Jim Carrey, one of the greatest comedians of our time had mentioned in one his talks that he always values Faith much more than Hope.

Because unlike Hope that walks through the fire and wishes it survives, Faith leaps over the fire and makes sure it survives always. Undiminishing faith that we can deal with whatever today throws at us is possibly all the preparation that we need for tomorrow.

5. “Your future needs you, your past doesn’t.”

We remember Colonel Harland Sanders as the founder of our well loved fast food joint, KFC. Everyone talks about his success with KFC but we find no one talking about the 1000 rejections that he had to face before that. He is one of the most famous failures because he didn’t let his past define his present.

Leave the safe harbor of your ordinary past and sail into the high seas of your extraordinary future. Do not let your past defeats be the anchor that chains your ship to the shore. Instead let it act as the fuel that propels your ship forward.

Image Source : Google
Image Source : Google

And as it is said, if you have to fail, start now so that you can get to succeed sooner. Every situation we face today is in patient and perseverent preparation of the future we always wanted. What we give to the world is what is given back to us! Yes, Newton’s third law holds true for human values too.

How we react to situations today will build our mindset to handle the challenges that are hurled at us tomorrow. So remember to treat every situation as an event to sharpen your character and enhance your creativity. Paint the empty canvas of your life with the brightest colors.


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