Moving Your Business Online in The New Norm

One of the trends taking place across businesses worldwide is the shift from brick and mortar toward


Alon Ghelber

3 years ago | 3 min read

The world is facing a crisis on an enormous scale. Some businesses have already closed doors during the first wave, while others are hanging on by a thread. While these uncertain times are scary for everyone, how can you ensure your business’s survival when a new kind of normal settles?

One of the trends taking place across businesses worldwide is the shift from brick and mortar towards the establishments of direct to consumer (D2C) online operations. In order to gain a foothold in this highly competitive market, you’ll need to monitor your competitors’ activities on eCommerce platforms and apply sentiment analysis to understand your shoppers’ needs and put some new techniques into play.

Knowing What Works for Your Customers Is Key

When you can fully understand your customers’ needs, you can build your online presence around the best solution to meet those demands. Remember, without your customers. Your business won’t exist. So it’s vital to keep clients on top of your priority list when making any changes.

Stay in close contact with your customers, and let them know what decisions you’re taking that you feel will work to their advantage going forward.

Your Staff

Another integral part of your operation is your team. Your staff compliment is just as important as your customer base, so treat them well. No business owner wants to let go of people unnecessarily, so try to find ways to place staff members into your new online structure when you’re putting a plan together.

Think Outside of the Box

When a new normal becomes our way of life, what worked before might not work anymore. You might need to find new, innovative ways to conduct business. If you have relied on foot traffic walking into your store, you need to develop creative ways to attract people to your online business.

You can use introductory offers and discounts to entice people to shop. Offering a range of payment methods is also an excellent way to cater to clients who ordinarily might not buy your products.

Online Content

When your business moves online, there’s no more human contact. You won’t have staff members engaging with your clients and sharing product information with them. A great way to fill this gap is to include short videos on your website that discuss various products or services.

You can select a product of the month and focus on one particular offering to increase awareness. Or you can mix it up and switch between different ranges.

Engage With Your Clients

Make sure you have a space available where customers can leave comments. Check-in regularly to see if your clients are having any challenges with your new online business model.

Respond to feedback from your loyal customers. Remember, many of them will be feeling unsure and lost. They are traversing new ground with this way of doing business with your company.

Create a User-friendly D2C Website

It can be tempting to want to develop a high-tech website. You might want to include all the latest tricks to show people that you ‘e current. It’s crucial to consider your target market when you’re designing your online pages.

If you’re catering to the general public, having high-level processes and busy pop-ups featured on your site won’t work. Customers want a user-friendly, informative page that’s attractive to look at but easy to navigate.

Get Active on Social Media

With people spending more time at home, social media sites and networking platforms are busier than ever. If you aren’t already active on various social networking pages, now is an excellent time to start. You can use sentiment analysis techniques to know what your customers want.

Get in touch with customers online to guide them on your new processes. Let them know you’re available if they need information. Social media pages are also a great way to advertise your business, so if you aren’t doing it, you’re missing out.

Be Patient

Your efforts and changes won’t happen overnight. There will be some hurdles along the way, and there might be times when you feel overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and then carry on. Sales might slow down for a while. Clients need to get used to a new way of doing business.

You must remain calm and remember that it’s only temporary while people adjust to a new way of doing things.

Accept Your New Norm

Psychologically, so much change can send anyone into a flat spin. It might be a lot to manage when you’re in the thick of it, but human beings are resilient. You’ll come out on the other side and find your feet. It might even be sooner than you think.

The internet is a great place to connect with people and to get information. Remember, there are people all over the world facing the same situation. Keep in mind that tough times don’t last, but tough people do.


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