The Must-Have Features of Luxury Custom Closets

When you envision luxury, bright lights, velvet fabric, and many more attractive things that hit your mind, and when it’s about custom closet designs, luxury means a lot to you.


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However, the biggest difference between custom designs and prefabricated designs is that custom designs are made specifically to fit your needs and space. In comparison, prefabricated designs are made to fit the needs of general consumers, which can make them unsuited for your needs.

Custom designs also let you make decisions regarding styles, colors, and materials, giving you more options and giving you a closet that is more personalized and tailored to your needs. It effectively gives your closet a luxurious touch, and nowadays, luxury custom closets are on the trend. Therefore, a frequent number of people go for custom closets. But do you know the features that can add a little luxury touch to your custom closet? If not, this article is for you. Read on and get the following!

Built-in laundry bin

What do you do with your worn-out or dirty clothes? Usually, we hang dirty clothes in the closet or toss them up on the floor that covers valuable space. Luxury custom closets come with built-in laundry bins that are designed with tilt-out features and allow you to get rid of your dirty clothes. They don’t cover additional space and are easily accessible.

Center island

Center island is a popular feature in walk-in closets as it provides additional space to homeowners. Along with this, it has several advantages such as you can fit small drawers and cupboards to put your small accessories and all. It creates a spot in the room to fold your clothes before putting them in the closet, gives you space to match up your attire, set out precious jewelry, and more.

Valet divider bar

It’s one of the topmost features that make your closet more organized. With the help of a valet rod, you can perfectly plan your outfit for the day or display your favorite cloth in the closet. Moreover, pressed clothes easily get wrinkled and ruin your look; with a valet divider rod, you can simply tie up your attire and wear it. It’s also useful in storing laundry clothes.

Hanging tie rack

Are you a tie aficionado? If yes, you must have this feature in your custom closet. It provides you with a space to separate your ties from the rest of the clothes. You can easily find out your ties that are tough to find in traditional closets. It also prevents the ties and neckwear from creases and wrinkles. Hanging tie racks are available in a variety of ranges, and you can choose an appropriate one.


Custom design closets bring extra space into the room and make it look more organized. Adding a few of the luxury features to your custom closet brings a lot of benefits. If you are looking for fine-finished custom closets with luxury features, Symmetry Closets is the ideal option to choose. There you can find a home-to-office long island with exclusive custom closets. You can know more on their website.



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