Do you need to know English to start programming?

Do you need to know English for you to learn to program? Come check this article


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Answering a question. To be a programmer and do I need to know English? The answer isyes!

To be a good programmer it is necessary to know English, this language is very important, both for those who want to be a programmer as well as for professional, in general, and personal development.

Is English super important for a programmer?

Yes, it is important because we have to read a lot of documentation, contents that end up being important and that end up being in English sometimes, job vacancies and other things.

English can open many doors for you who are looking for a job and who want to live in another country.

But if I don’t know English how can I get started in the programming area?

Yes, you can start learning programming without knowing English, but you will be a little limited in some situations, but of course you can learn programming and at the same time learn English.

You can learn by reading, listening to music, watching movies, taking some courses and also language apps, if you just want to learn.

But what is the real importance of English in programming?

English has been transforming work relationships, allowing greater opportunities and connecting people from all over the world. In programming, this is the base language for the syntax of languages ​​and for most references.

What are the top 5 tips for learning English?

Despite what we have already said, we can highlight that we are referring to technical English that is geared towards programming. That is, you do not need to be fluent, but you do need to know how to speak and understand English.

You don’t have to follow traditional course formats. But you can transform your learning into something that is pleasant and personalized to your demand, in this way it would not be tiring for you to learn to speak English.


The first tip is: You can learn English while programming. as we said before, programming involves a lot of language, and in this way it would already be a way of studying English.

A person who programs does not need to be fluent in the language to understand a language and be able to develop an algorithm. Well, frequent contact with the programming world will boost language learning.


For you to improve your English and stand out professionally, another tip is to read.

It’s interesting, you search for articles and content about the technology area, in order to practice a little more of the language. Initially it may be difficult to understand some words or terms, but with practice you will begin to understand a lot.


Train your ear too, you can do this with videos or podcasts. There are several channels of these media that address technical issues about the area, making English a little more natural and familiar for you who are in the technology universe.

Use apps

Another recommendation is to use apps that help you study languages. Some apps contain exercises, others cooperate in learning new concepts, and there are also dictionaries that help in everyday life.

It is essential to get involved with these tools to make learning more fluid and natural, or they will simply be useful for you to maintain frequent contact with this language.

Get fully involved with the language, this means changing the language of the cell phone, the computer and changing the way you consume movies and series.

That is, it is not only necessary that you dedicate yourself at specific moments to the study of grammar. But it is also ideal to be in touch with the language most of the time, bringing the language into your daily life.

As we can see, learning English is not that difficult, it is not an exclusive requirement for someone who wants to start coding, and it is, in fact, a skill that can be learned while you are coding. There are several methods to reach a better level of learning and applying it will be important to achieve better career results and be able to have more interesting opportunities.

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