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From identifying the best breakfast restaurants in London, to finding your way to the rows of top hotels near Paddington station, as a tourist postcodes will likely be little more than a navigational tool – entered into a sat nav or handed to a taxi driver as you move from A to B.

But the postcode system in London actually boasts an interesting history which can help you to navigate and find you way from your favourite attractions back to your room at the London Hotel Queens Park.

Life before postcodes

How many times have you entered your address into an online system, only for it to be confused by your home, the 20 additional properties on your street, and even the triple rooms London has to offer across a block of flats or apartments on the road opposite?

The fact is, postcodes make buildings more identifiable – as before postcodes were introduced, mail would end up wherever it landed, sometimes with a next door neighbour and sometimes somewhere totally different. Whatever the situation before, and however complex it may seem today, it was only during the population boom in the 19th century that the system for mail and isolating places in terms of their address and location became a necessity.

The introduction of postcodes

Under the new postcode system, suddenly every house had a set of digits and letters which identified where it was – with 5,000 new areas being labelled to make it easier to separate out the various districts and areas.

From the hubbub of the city centre to the outskirts of London, the city was broken up into 10 different postal districts – each preceded by a different postal letter system – e.g., SW or N.

Not only did this make the whole city easier to navigate and understand, it also gave residents a community that they were a part of and a place through which their mail and postal updates could more easily find them.

And London was just the starting point for the new system, which is responsible for the ease with which we can find the hotels we want, the breakfast restaurants we crave, and the attractions we’ve heard about and want to see for ourselves.

Manchester and other cities across the UK replicated and followed the introduction of postcodes, creating codes by using the first initial of the place name and then numbering the local districts and integrating those numbers in the full codes.

London today

The postcode system as it stands today was finalised in the 1980s, allowing mail to be sorted more quickly and effectively.

We tend to take postcodes for granted, entering them into smartphones and satellite navigation systems to give us direction and help us to find our way around the city. Postcodes allows tourists to maximise their time in the city, by minimising navigation time and letting them know where to stay, travel to, and factor into their visit.


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