This is What You Need In Order to Reset Your Mind

There are many recommendations out there, but this one thing worked for me.


Rovie Doculan

2 years ago | 4 min read

At some point in our lives, we all reach a toxic mental state where we may feel constantly anxious, numb, defeated, or even all of these combined. This is especially common during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our collective mental health has plummeted to a point where I suspect that it is a silent yet more devastating pandemic than COVID-19 is.

In the recent few months, I had been in a similar negative state of mind. I had been increasingly feeling overwhelmed and irritable which hinted that I might have been close to burning out. Thus, I did one thing that completely rebooted my mindset. It is my mission now to spread this good news that will hopefully get you the mental reset that you need as well: for at least a week, take a break from your routine and travel.

First things first, if you are reading this while the COVID-19 pandemic is still prevalent in your country, please travel responsibly. Get fully vaccinated first and wear masks often in order to protect yourself, your loved ones and anyone else whom you will cross paths with.

Now, back to our topic — in order to give your mind the break it deserves, it is essential that you first deviate from your daily routine. Because your current lifestyle has inevitably compounded your burdens, your mind has been like a clenched fist, and it is begging you to unclench and let go. If you work remotely like me, take a vacation leave and resist doing anything work-related. Take a break from social media. Play with your pet. Call your family and friends.

Then, once you take that refreshing inhale, you exhale all negativity by travelling. Travel to that far place that you have always wanted to go to. Travel solo or with people you want to spend quality time with. Moreover, practice mindfulness while travelling. Avoid checking your phone and instead, appreciate your surroundings, engage with people, and be in the moment wherever you will go.

It is also essential that you travel for at least a week. Quick sleepovers and weekend getaways are not enough to refresh your outlook in life. In the recent trip that I took with my family, it was only on day three when I started to truly relax.

I have travelled a lot in the past. Each trip has always had its significant benefits, and the recent one that I have taken was no exception. If you do the same, you can expect to gain at least one of the following positive effects.

Your creativity will be boosted

You know how we have our eureka moments while taking showers or staring at the ceiling on our beds? The same thing happens when we travel. The stillness of nature forces you to introspect. Social interactions with companions and strangers alike give new knowledge. Exposure to a new culture triggers your curiosity. Simply put, there are endless sources of inspiration when you travel to a new place.

You will heal and have renewed optimism

I am an optimist and an idealist. However, in the days leading to my recent trip, I was unusually cynical about almost everything. Humanity’s fight against COVID-19 seemed endless. There seemed to be no resolution to my responsibilities at work and at home.

By going to an unfamiliar place, I was able to detach physically and mentally for a moment, which allowed me to rationalize my negative thoughts and understand where they came from.

Taking a complete rest to travel will heal you in ways that you will not expect. It will also make you realize that our struggles in our daily lives are so insignificant compared to the vastness of experiences that life on earth can offer. Coming to terms with this fact will mean differently for each of us; personally, this has helped me dismiss my worries and accept things as they are.

Your perspective will shift for the better

One small joy I find in travelling is coming across people from diverse backgrounds — a businessman waiting impatiently at the airport boarding gate, a curious child wandering by the beach, a hard worker trying to sell his handmade crafts in order to feed his family for the day. Through these encounters, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be able to step out of my bubble to explore the world while so many others cannot. Travelling can reinforce gratefulness which you can carry back home.

You will be inspired to live a healthier life

Living a healthy life can be challenging if you are usually busy or used to convenient means such as instant meals and online deliveries. By forcing yourself to unplug and travel, you allow yourself to find inspiration for a holistic living. This is especially true if you choose to go on a nature trip where you will be required to wake up earlier, exercise more and eat nutritional food.

Taking a break and travelling for at least a week will clear your mind and add to your readiness in facing your daily workload. It is also important to hold on to the good aspects of the trip that you will embark; they will be crucial reminders of how good your life can be when you return to your everyday life. For your best interest, post that out-of-office status, pack your bags, and get going.


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