Do we need words?

Sometimes I think we don't have and need words to express our emotions and thoughts. But how important it is to do so? let's think about it.


Krutarth Dave

2 years ago | 1 min read

As a writer this question comes to mind several times as it is difficult sometime to express with words what we feel rather the other nonverbal ways feel way better for communication of our feelings.

If you guys have seen TMKOC (Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah). There are many episodes in which Tarak Mehta get chance of eating tasty food but he loses his chance because of his habit of talking too much describing how beautiful and delicious food looks, smells and taste.

While the Goli don't bother even for replying while snatching and eating anything he gets.

Still I find him better communicator for the propose of describing how delicious food is as his expressions are much better way of communicating than Tarak Mehta's (The writer's) words.

I always find that so many quarrels and fights start just because of using wrong use of words. But it is not the wrong usage of word which is reason here, it is lack of understanding about limitation of language.

We don't even know what we should do and how to communicate when we don't have proper word or phrase available for telling what we feel & think.

In the situation like death of near & dear relative one doesn't require words but a shoulder to cry on. They may just need a hug or a lap to sleep in.

That's why may be women communicates better than men. As even if we think women speaks a lot but we ignore the fact that they listen also well and then communicate nonverbally as per need.

This inability to communicate don't only create a fight but also leaves people in vulnerable situation. Some of which are so sever which leads to serious harm to health.

May be that's why men have more heart attacks. Overall I think those whose communicate less and keeps things & emotions in heart are highly vulnerable.

That's why laughing out loud, smiling every time you see someone and expressing your emotions through your body and not only words is really important not for effective communication but also for better health.


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