What Do You Need To Write CMP Intros?

Are you looking to write compelling job titles? Learn how to write CMP intros


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What are CMP Intros?

I’m glad you asked!

CMP Intros are paragraphs that describe job titles with a high search volume. They’re added to the top of the job descriptions pages. The CMP Intros give the job description pages a nice, handwritten touch!

The intros are designed for the top of the page.

Additionally, the intros are meant to read more personalized rather than sounding like a robot. They sound better when a touch of fun is included when writing them.

What do you need to include to write interesting facts about the job title?

Here are four key pieces of info to include:

  1. What the job title does
  2. The normal workweek hours of the job title
  3. Education requirements of the job title
  4. Some information on the average work environment

So, how long should a CMP Intro be?

The intros should be around 3 paragraphs long, if not longer. The aim is to have more than 120 words.

You can find well-written Intros in these two examples here.

Example #1


It’s no longer a woman’s job! The demographics have changed. More men are working as Sous Chefs than women. And they are doing just fine, with very little time to rest.

If you’re not creating menus or overseeing culinary services, then it’s your onus to monitor the stock. The ingredients for the next day’s specials must be in place. And at a lower cost to the establishment!

Working as a Sous Chef is not easy. You’re either meeting urgent deadlines for an order. Or you’re busily fast-pacing the kitchen staff. After all, you’re the mastermind behind the daily specials.

You don’t need super qualifications to work as a Sous Chef. A high school diploma with majors in hospitality management will suffice. But to stand a better chance, you’ll need an associate degree with majors in culinary arts. Having some experience as a chef will give you an advantage.

As a Sous Chef, you’re the backbone of the kitchen. You hold it in place. And guess what? You can earn upwards of $23 per hour. That translates to about $47,275 per year.

Example #2


A Web Developer is keen on detail. You’re accountable for the look of the site. You can’t afford to make mistakes! Otherwise, you can mess up a whole webpage.

As a Web Developer, designing and creating websites is your mandate. You’re a thoroughbred perfectionist with a high sense of creativity. You’ll therefore ensure that the website is outstanding and updated. And what’s more? You’ll add content.

It does not require a rocket scientist to be a Web Developer! But wait! The demographics are askew. More women are shying off the field. And what’s the reason? Web development is for the brainers. 

So, what qualifications do you need to work as a Web Developer?

If you have a high school diploma, you’re good to go. And if you possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you have an advantage. But many employers will ask for an associate’s degree in web design or programming.

Working as a Web Developer can earn you a good life. If you’re looking for career growth, the prospects are good. The financial prospects are also sparkling! You can earn upwards of $33 per hour. That’s about $68,936 per year.


Writing CMP Intros is easy. All you need to do is have fun and remain relaxed. Dwell on the four areas of:

  • What the job title does
  • The normal workweek hours of the job title
  • Education requirements of the job title
  • Some information on the average work environment.


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