New Colour prediction game scam

Know about few colour prediction app scams mainly in India


Paltu Kumar Das

2 years ago | 2 min read

Few days back I came to know about various colour prediction games which are actually looting and making lots of money from the oridinary people. The netigens are not fully aware of these colour prediction game scam. If you are one of them then you can go through my article which will provide you all necessary information about this scam. first of all lets know the names of these apps…


  • Mantrimall
  • VClub colour prediction game
  • Cwin colour prediction game
  • Reliance Mall Colour Prediction App
  • Bigwinner Colour Prediction app
  • Ganesha Colour Prediction App
  • Wongo New Colour Prediction website
  • RCXE colour prediction app

What is Colour Prediction Game ?

Colour prediction games are basically betting games where you can earndouble moneyby choosing the right colour or lose the whole money by choosing the wrong colour.So, what is the new in it ?, or how this gambling has become an organised loot ?

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colour prediction app interface

Here you can see there are mainly there colours namely green , red and violet. The violet colour is always associate with either red or green colour. So, there are mainly two colours - red and green. During your betting you can choose only one colour for your bet. Suppose you choose red colour and put Rs 10 in it. You will get 2 and half minute to select your desired colour. After 3 minutes the result will be declared. If the same colour comes in the result your money will be almost doubled. So, you will win 20 Rs. 5% transaction charge will will be applicable in each time. And finally the money will be added to your wallet. You can withdraw the money bygoing to your profile and adding a proper bank and withdrawing a minimum amount of money.

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withdrawing process

So, upto this you have not found anything wrong. The problem starts when you try to recharge. when you will click on the recharge section you will get an upi id which is very unsecure. I have collected this screenshot from this demo account…

recharge option before betting

if you choose any one of the payment gateway you will get different UPI ID to pay

payment option with unsecure and unknown payment

So, after your payment you have to put the reference no of your payment and the money will be added in your wallet.


During this payment option if your money is deducted from your account but not recharged then you literally can not contact with the supporting body as you dont know whom you are actually paying.

Also there are some telegram channel where the prediction is done mainly three times in a day. at the beginning they will gain your attention and make your profit by predicting the right colur, suddenly after few days they will not properly predict and essentially you will lose all of your money.

The money you receive everytime in your account has different source of unsecureand illegal transaction. So, if you are lot of money then you can come into the scanner of ED.


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