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Marketing is changing while changing the world. Here's a closer look at what it really means today.


Shubhrika Dogra

3 years ago | 5 min read

As a marketer, things change for you daily. New things come up, emerge out of nowhere and change the world in one moment. The question is, how do you know which one works?

I started understanding The world of marketing eight months ago. I know – that doesn’t say that I have a lot of experience doing it, to tell you what it means. But what I do have, is the mind of a young millennial, who functions all around the internet, day in and day out.

I am twenty-three years old and all I do the entire day is work my fingers at the keyboard or at my phone screen. That’s my leisure time as well as my job. The market today is available in one place, and that is in front of a screen.

I know that marketing has completely changed its course, and with so many people trying to understand what it really is, I am here to share it with you.

Before that, let’s talk about something that has the roots of marketing in it.

Traditional Marketing

What is traditional marketing? It had the ways to reach people since the beginning of marketing.

Traditional marketing started from methods that included word-of-mouth where people still employ door-to-door salesmen to inform people about a product or a service, using print ads in newspapers, magazines and more along with the infamous, ever-sustaining TV commercials are all a part of a traditional marketing.

Now, I don’t say that traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore, because it does. These are still some of the most powerful ways to market something to a bunch of people. They exist for a reason and they will never die.

But, are they most reliable, now? Sure, you can’t ignore traditional marketing; but it doesn’t quite fit the bill anymore. We now live in the times when all the information is available in one tiny device, and it takes me all over the world with one click. Why would I want to carry tens of magazines for ten pieces of information if one device gives me millions?

That is the exact question because of which, the world has shifted drastically to the ‘New Marketing’!

What is ‘New Marketing’, though?

The term ‘Digital Marketing’ has been confusing a lot of people for a few years now. It isn’t that difficult, though. Digital marketing has all the forms of traditional marketing, done digitally. Sounds stupid, right?

Its not! But, new marketing doesn’t directly mean digital marketing. It just means digital marketing eats up the majority chunk of new marketing.

New Marketing involves everything from reaching people, to understanding their needs, to dialing your competition down and so much more.

Let’s see what it has!

Marketing is not ‘Quick’ anymore.

Most businesses often confuse the functionality of sales and marketing to be similar. They seem to have a very thin line of differences, yet, they do have huge and multiple differences.

Marketing has completely changed the course of its meaning, all around. It takes time. It is all about building relationships with people and advertising yourself as a brand, instead of your product.

Logo marketing works for brands like Nike, Adidas, Emirates and more, to simply depend on their brand value instead of the personal value. The reason behind that, is that they have been in existence for years now. They started from traditional marketing. Yet, the one thing common among these brands and new marketing, is that they value the quality of their product.

The root of any business begins at the product. The quality of the product you’re selling matters more than the techniques you sell it with. Marketing teams don’t sell products anymore, they simply create a value for it. Marketing, today, means to make a product seem irreplaceable and leave the customer feeling that their life would never be valuable unless they had everything the marketers want them to have.

Now, that is Marketing!

Design rules the world now! Forget Alexander.

Design is the king. Content is its partner in crime. Without mastering these two, marketing is empty. Design is all that catches the eye of your customer. Design is all that matters, because unless your design can grab the attention of your audience, the content will never be valued, because it will never be seen.

Design makes all the difference. The attention span of the youth today or the majority chunk of the buyers, is that of a two year old. Why? because they don’t need to buy another magazine to view something different; they just need to scroll further down.

Your design decides whether you will be heard or not. You don’t go to people’s houses anymore, where you can have a 30-minute conversation with them at their doorstep. Honestly, who has the time? Your design decides whether they want to listen to you or not.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. — Paul Rand.

Make your designs do the work to go from doorstep to doorstep.

Relevance & Value are your pillars!

If I start talking about the revolution brought in by the sliced bread today and expect to blow people’s minds, I’m going to end up as an utter failure. Had I been in the 1920’s, that would have been a different story. No body cared about the sliced bread since the 1910’s, up until 15 years later, when WONDER came along and showed people the right thing at the right time.

The attention span plays an important role here as well. People only read or watch what is relevant today. They don’t care about what happened yesterday. In fact, unless you have something new for them everyday, they won’t care to listen at all.

Unless you are providing relevant content everyday, that brings value to the life of your audience, they do not care.

Nothing is going to happen for you in One Day!

Marketing is a time consuming process. Understanding the needs of your consumer is important, which takes time in itself.

Being patient is utterly necessary for marketing well. Without a consumer analysis, businesses end up spending a lot of money on marketing to the wrong audience, because they did not know their needs.

Understand that marketing to the right audience, getting to know their needs, creating content that matters, establishing a relationship, being available for your people and consumers and creating something new — all of these essentials of marketing take time. Marketing can not be done in a day anymore. Even tasks like writing copy must be well thought, to be able to reach the right people and give them value out of nothing.

Show up every day!

Consistency is the master of all techniques. No marketing technique can be successful, unless a consistency is built around it. It is important to understand how to present and when to present it. Even though the timing matters, the number of times you show up in front of your audience matters just as much as the content you show up with.

Show up as much as you can, build the trust of your audience, show them a face to relate to your brand. Logos might take time to register with your audience, but they are still people and people remember faces well. They register with faces everyday and find it a lot easier to remember things when they have a face to relate them with.

Content is King, but Context is God! — Garry Vaynerchuck


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Shubhrika Dogra

Shubhrika Dogra is a published poetess, a digital marketer by profession and an artist at heart. She published her first free-verse poetry collection in April 2020 and has so far sold over 200 copies of her book. She tries to put herself in challenging situations as an avid traveler & carefree soul.







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