New Season Of “The Conviction” Podcast: The Conviction of Max B

When the punishment doesn't fit the crime.


Frank Racioppi

a year ago | 2 min read

There are a lot of podcast shows that seek to exonerate people convicted of crimes they did not commit. And it’s a crime in itself that so many innocent people have been convicted of crimes they did not commit because of racism, poor police work, dishonest prosecutors, or social pressure. But there’s another injustice out there. How about when the person is guilty of the crime, but the punishment far exceeds reasonable bounds.

The Conviction of Max B, a Spotify/Gimlet podcast premieres on Tuesday, January 17 with a binge release of all five episodes. This is the fourth season of Gimlet’s Conviction series, which features a new piece of investigative reporting each season.

Conviction is a podcast anthology series about crime and justice. Each story examines a new case and asks: Who does the justice system work for, and who does it work against?

Listen to the brand-new trailer for the upcoming season HERE.

This season on Conviction, Max B is a Harlem rapper on the brink of stardom. One night he gets wind of a bag full of cash that’s sitting in an empty hotel room, and he starts scheming. It would be an easy score — in and out, no one gets hurt. But it doesn’t go down like that. It all ends in chaos, kidnapping and a dead body. This is the story of a rapper who risked it all for a bag full of money, a robbery where everything went wrong, a messy trial, and a sentence that makes you question who the justice system works for, and who it works against.

Throughout the five episodes, accomplished journalist, TV host and award-winning podcast host Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins outlines the case and trial of Max B. Jinx takes listeners from the night of the crime to inside the courtroom.

The podcast host, Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins was born and raised in New Jersey. A graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Brandon is a multimedia creative; an accomplished journalist, TV host, award-winning podcast host, writer, photographer, and DJ. Previously he’s worked with Translation ad agency, Decon creative agency, Mass Appeal Magazine, and Complex Networks, Revolt Network. He’s appeared on camera as a host of State Of The Culture on Revolt, and Conference Room C on MSG Network.

You can listen to the Trailer: HERE


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