What is the new Twitter feature, View Count?

Twitter shows how many times your tweets are viewed, even without engagement.


Amara Laurent

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Twitter shows how many times your tweets are viewed, even without engagement.

Elon Musk announced it's coming on December 1st with a tweet.

On December 22, he announced that the View Count feature is live on Twitter.

With this feature, anyone can see how often a tweet - a text or image - is seen, like tweets with videos already showing the view counts.

Additionally, it states that viewing a tweet on your phone after viewing it on desktop counts as two views.

View count will be an important metric for finding the relationship between view and engagement. Twitter users will have important data showing how many views turn into an engagement; like, quote, retweet or comment.

How to increase view count on Twitter

Needless to say that your tweets should be striking, eye-catching, and interesting to be successful.

But, for more views, you need more than a good tweet. Knowing when to tweet is as important as what to tweet.

If you know your best time to tweet, you will have a chance to get the maximum view count you can get.

How can you know your best time?

FollowersAnalysis has an amazing "Best Time to Post" feature that shows your best time to tweet with a nice-looking graph by analyzing every activity of your followers and friends.

Also, you can show your tweets to people other than your followers with hashtags. Using popular, relevant hashtags makes your tweets viewed by more people.

How to turn views into engagement on Twitter

Views are important if they generate engagement on Twitter; likes, RTs, quotes, and comments.

So, you should make your tweets attract attention. How can you do that? If you know your audience well, you can create tweets they can be interested in.

With FollowersAnalysis you can download and analyze followers' interest topics. So, you can create content accordingly and get more likes, retweets, and comments.

Find out what your followers are interested in.

Wrapping Up

Twitter introduced a new feature called View Counts. Now, people can see that their tweets are viewed how many times. Now, it is important to turn views into an engagement.

FollowersAnalysis provides many great features that you can utilize to get more likes, comments, retweets, or quotes.


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