The New-World: Job Culture For a Post-Pandemic Future

Post Pandemic job culture will have the leverage of boosting employee morale.


Preyansh Chandak

3 years ago | 1 min read

Work from Home has been by far either the most hated or most loved opportunity for the employees as well as employers. It has tested people to the core, utilising the potential to the extreme which is better than in-office work.

Remote jobs will be available in abundance compared to earlier and 9-5 is a thing which already belongs to the past.

While we can predict that there will be no permanent in-office job culture in the near future, it is safe to say that people who already have a work station set up in their homes are likely to be profited and mentally prepared.

Not only you can get a tax deduction, but you can also sit in your boxers and do your work.

Post Pandemic job culture will have the leverage of boosting employee morale.

Employees before the pandemic used to spend a day working on a simple task just to avoid additional workload but nowadays they complete their task in a matter of minutes.

Performance-based culture will soon be adopted and employees will be on average 28% more productive than in-office work. Why? Simply because they can give time to their families and work on themselves after their work is over.

Plus the time to travel to and fro between work will also be covered by extra sleeping hours (or extra working hours)

Long Run Scenario: While the productivity level increased to 28%, the fatigue of online meetings has taken a hike. Employees are regularly required to take online meetings every day and this has led to fatigue in them.

Not only that but working from home means employees will also need to work longer.

The advantage of working from home has not only been on the rise but also led to employees getting additional workload.

That said, the future of working from home sounds good until the employees get tired of it. For some, it is a nightmare because they might have a constant distraction from their pet, baby or family in general.

For others, it is an advantage for not travelling to and fro thus saving them time and completing the work asap to get time for themselves.


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