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New Years Resolution - Dev Log 13

An update to the progress I am making towards being financially independent and completing my new year's resolution of making my living from my own web applications.


Lawrence Mueller

4 months ago | 1 min read


Yesterday I was able to convert almost all of the original project over to Next. I am already seeing minor performance increases on Lighthouse. This is not the main reason I made the switch, but it is some nice frosting on the cake. The only issue I ran into so far was the rich text editor. So apparently most rich text editors use the "window" in some way or another, I believe to mount; which makes sense. The problem is that in Next the window is preloaded, and overall treated differently than in just standard React. So I had to ditch MKeditor5. I found a really good solution, in my opinion, I actually like it better than my last rich text editor, SunEditor. SunEditor is even easier to configure and implement, plus it works in Next. I feel like I am going to write an additional blog today on HashNode and DevTo which will be a tutorial on how to use SunEditor with Next. I had to learn through diving into the documentation which is fine, but it would have been nice to find an article and just use that.

If you have not checked out the video discussing the basic UI, please do:

Idea 1 - Job Board: Currently in the process of converting the original React project over to Next. Most of the way through, only two pages left. After that, I can start on the back end.

Idea 2 - Paid Plugins: Scratched

Idea 3 - SaaS: I have a solid idea for a SaaS company I believe, but will not start on this till my job board is out and functional, even though I'm really excited about it.

Idea 4 - Paid API: Just learned about how you can build an API and market it easily through rapid API. I am thinking that this might be something I want to try.


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