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New Year's Resolution - Dev Log 3

An update to the progress I am making towards being financially independent and completing my new year's resolution of making my living from my own web applications.


Lawrence Mueller

4 months ago | 2 min read


const disclaimer = () => {

console.log("This is a quick dev log to get this blog caught up to my Reddit Posts")


I am trying to catch this blog up all in one day to the posts I have made on Reddit. Honestly, this is taking a lot longer than I anticipated, but I was inspired when I woke up this morning to get this blog up and running so that every time I post on Reddit I can post here in a more detailed way. So here is the post from Reddit which would be dev log 3:

For screen readers:

Idea 1 - Job Board: Another day another coding session. I started by fixing some design errors with my additional filters area. Now instead of hitting a button to see the filters available, they are always visible and can be cleared easily. Also got cracking on the post a job screen. Most of the fields are basically how I want them. Ran into an issue where I need to provide a box to let companies post job descriptions. I just defaulted to a textarea tag but realized that I could run into issues with bullet points, italics, and other text decorations. So I am gonna go with something like Reddit, a markdown box. But I need to research how to make that later tonight. I saw something called SimpleMDE, which I will look into later. Besides that, hopefully, will have the UI done tomorrow and will post pics for people to see.

Idea 2 - Paid Plugins: Scratched

Idea 3 - SaaS: I have a solid idea for a SaaS I believe, but will not start on this till my job board is out and functional.

Personal notes: Still feeling good about the resolution. It is nice to code consistently every day again. Sometimes I have the fire, sometimes I don't. I am excited about finishing the UI because that means I will get to make a YouTube video on the job board so far, that will be fun. I have also started thinking about deployment options, evens though that won't be an issue for a little while. I need to find a deployment method that auto-scales since I intend to be the only developer on the project/projects. I know a bit about AWS but am used to deploying via Heroku. I usually just bundle my front end and web server and host through Heroku and let Mongo Atlas deal with the database. I have a funny feeling that, while that method is easy, it probably scales poorly. So I will be looking into other solutions.

After reading through this post again, I really thought I would have the UI done by the next day. That was some serious optimism right there. I have to post dev log 7 today and I still do not have the UI finished. At this point the project's additional filters section was essentially radio buttons, I decided later on that this was not great looking and changed them over to dropdowns. I have not yet posted any pictures of the UI that I have been working on, but plan on doing so in today's dev log.


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