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New Year's Resolution - Dev Log 5

An update to the progress I am making towards being financially independent and completing my new year's resolution of making my living from my own web applications.


Lawrence Mueller

4 months ago | 2 min read


const disclaimer = () => {

console.log("This is a quick dev log to get this blog caught up to my Reddit Posts")


We know the drill by this point, here is the Reddit post:

For screen readers:

Idea 1 - Job Board: Yesterday was my first good coding session since Thursday. My parents visited Friday through Sunday, which killed my productivity but I did not mind since I do not get to see them often. I completely changed the additional filters section. The old UI was basically radio buttons. Not only was the code written poorly, but the responsiveness was meh at best and the design looked prehistoric. I switched them over to dropdowns because I did that on the post a job screen, which looked a lot better. I can not believe how much code I was able to get rid of when I went with a better design. I had a CSS file that was over 200 lines of code, now less than 130 if you add the CSS from a section that I refactored into its own component. Besides that, I refactored basically the entire search section. The next thing I have to do is create my own rich text editor since I did not like the open-source solutions in that space. Then my UI should basically be done.

Idea 2 - Paid Plugins: Scratched

Idea 3 - SaaS: I have a solid idea for a SaaS company I believe, but will not start on this till my job board is out and functional, even though I'm really excited about it.

Personal notes: It was really nice to get coding again. I am super siked about making a YouTube video to show off the UI when I complete it. I really want to get that done before Friday, but I am making a hard deadline for myself today, I will have the YouTube video up by the end of next Tuesday. I also think that if my rich editor comes out the way I want it, I can make it an NPM package to save some other people the same trouble I had. I have to do to a dentist appointment right now, afterwards, I am gonna grab some food than straight back to the code!


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