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New Year's Resolution - Dev Log 6

An update to the progress I am making towards being financially independent and completing my new year's resolution of making my living from my own web applications.


Lawrence Mueller

4 months ago | 2 min read


Of all my quick blog posts that are based on my Reddit dev logs, this log was my favorite. If I could share the whole comment section easily I would. This Reddit post has been my most interacted with so far and was the inspiration behind starting the blog on both HashNode and DevTo. Here is a link to the Post if you are interested. Here is the last time I am going to be posting a picture from Reddit in order to catch up, because, after this post both HashNode, DevTo, and Reddit will all be caught up.

As per the norm, for the screen readers:

Idea 1 - Job Board: Yesterday I added in a filter which I was really surprised I missed, the salary filter. After updating the UI with that I got to work on creating a rich text editor for the project. Shortly after beginning, I found one last pre-made solution (CKEditor 5) which I thought would not hurt to try before spending potentially multiple days building my own. Fortunately, it worked out great and I have exactly what I wanted in terms of a rich text editor. I feel like yesterday was a pretty big win. Today I am working on creating the application form that appears for users when they hit apply. I am thinking of using a modal for the form. If I finish that and still have steam I will move onto what I believe is the final component of the UI, a section where you can see your job post before you actually hit the post.

Idea 2 - Paid Plugins: Scratched

Idea 3 - SaaS: I have a solid idea for a SaaS company I believe, but will not start on this till my job board is out and functional, even though I'm really excited about it.

Idea 4 - Paid API: Just learned about how you can build an API and market it easily through rapid API. I am thinking that this might be something I want to try.

Personal notes: Made a lot of progress yesterday and really like keeping a log on Reddit. I know that these posts do not garnish that much attention but the main point is to keep me accountable. Still excited about the project in general and happy to add another idea to the list. Making and selling an API seems like something I can do, but I need to research and think on the topic more.

If you have been following along with the dev log so far then you know that I was having a hard time finding a good rich text editor. Luckily I found CKEditor at the last minute. That editor turned out to be perfect for my use case and easy to implement. The next dev log is the big one, you will finally get to see what I have been working on. Get excited!


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