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Features of Play-to-Earn games

Among the main characteristics of this type of video game we find the following:

They are decentralized games that have been expressly designed to encourage NFT trading.

Much of these video games are generated through a chain of blocks. This blockchain is in charge of creating unique and collectible objects for each game, turning them into something valuable in the context of the game. The rewards come in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and cryptocurrencies or tokens, the main assets within blockchain technology. The cryptocurrencies earned from the rewards can later be used to trade on large exchanges like Binance.

How do Play-to-Earn games work?

The mechanics of the games is not as complicated as it seems. Although certainly, everything will depend on the modality formulated by the game to generate income. Or directly from the game itself. You don’t necessarily have to earn money while playing, as you can also earn rewards by completing daily in-game tasks, quests, or ultimately by competing within the game.

Nft gaming development company The operation of these games will be directly conditioned by the mechanics defined by the developer. Some of the most popular games are the pioneering Spells of Genesis , the first NFT game; The Sandbox or Sorare . Here the user can get cryptocurrency rewards in the form of free cards that are given at the beginning of the game.

The user will have to register in a computer game that is based on NFT to get rewards. While some may require an initial investment, as you play you can get free NFTs.

Play-to-Earn video games put the player at the center of their economic engine. It is the player who owns these digital assets (whether they are NFTs or tokens), who have the decision to exchange them for money, for other NFTs or collect them and wait for their value to increase over time, or, in the worst case , is reduced.

Everything you need to enter the world of Play-to-Earn video gamesTo launch into this world and start playing in the Play to Earn model is not as simple as registering and creating an account. You must follow a series of instructions without which you could not play:

get a purse The first, and most important thing, is to have a digital wallet or purse to store the cryptocurrencies and all the monetary rewards that you receive while you are playing. One of the best known is the Metamask wallet.

Create your account in an Exchange

Now comes the step that we all know, and that is to create an account in an Exchange or exchange platform. This will allow you to buy the cryptocurrency you need to start playing with real money. It also serves to sell everything you fan in the game, and from it get real money. The most used by players is the Binance exchange platform .

Register in the game and start buying cryptocurrency. Now is the time to buy in-game cryptocurrencies, and with them acquire the NFTs you want. As we mentioned in previous lines, some games require you to buy characters or objects in order to play. Others don’t. As you continue playing you will earn cryptos that you will keep in your wallet.

As you can see, there are three very simple steps, but they can provide you with many possibilities as an investor.

Some of the most popular Play-to-Earn games


Framed in the genre of 2D Fighting Games, with combat in real time, this video game breaks with the norms established by other Play to Earn games that have only faced the turn-based combat genre. It is built with the Unity engine together with its own blockchain platform integrated with the Polygon network. By playing and winning games, you earn two types of tokens: OBT and NAB.

Axis Infinity NFT gaming development It is the most popular game among Play-to-Earn video games and the world of cryptocurrencies. Its main token is AXS, and it uses the Ethereum blockchain. Although it also takes advantage of the Ronin sidechain to avoid congesting the mainnet.

It has an NFT market to sell creatures, and the possibility of reducing them between them thanks to the Small Love Potion (SLP) token. In the game, users raise their little pets (which are NFTs) and make them fight with other characters. Money can be obtained by feeding and raising them or by winning battles with other characters.


This game laid the foundation for the most popular Play-to-Earn game mechanics. Based on the Ethereum network, here players can buy kittens on their NFT marketplace and breed them. You can cross the DNA of these cats and their own characteristics to obtain a new offspring with their unique characteristics.

In addition, the game also features other adventure and puzzle mini-games.

this video game does not require an initial investment to start playing. Here the user can start their own game with non-NFT characters. The main exchange currency is the KABY token, available on decentralized exchanges.


Play-to-Earn video games have established themselves as one of the main axes of the cryptocurrency market. There are many experts who see in these platforms the future of gaming and video games that we know today.

In addition, it is the perfect gateway for all those users who still do not know how blockchain technology works and want to bet on it.

At Occam, we are committed to blockchain technology, and for this reason we have established ourselves as a company specialized in blockchain development.


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