NFTs can be lifesavers: Here’s how

NFTs have been used in a wide array of uses.


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From NFT gaming marketplaces to real estate in the Metaverse, almost anything and everything can be minted as an NFT. With their ubiquity, it stands to reason that NFTs are currently being adopted by a diverse and versatile range of industries.

One very interesting facet of human existence that is being enhanced and streamlined due to the integration of NFTs is the healthcare sector. There cannot be two opinions on the point that the healthcare sector is absolutely vital for a healthy society, Given their importance and implications, there is a lot at stake in terms of the industry’s efficiency. With so much on the line, NFTs play a huge role in augmenting healthcare.

Lending a helping hand

Patient data can be incredibly difficult to maintain. Especially since life is of the utmost importance, patient data needs to be handled with the utmost care and sensitivity. With the introduction of NFTs into the process, patient data can be minted as NFTs. Not only would this make record-keeping paperless, but it would also eliminate the hassle involved when a patient wants to change doctors or hospitals. Another interesting use case is that patients have the option of monetizing their data. This could help make patient data more secure, giving control to the hands of the people and not any third party. 

Blood and organ donation could also be optimized, reducing the time taken to connect donors and receptors, and saving countless lives. One could also verify the authenticity of pharmaceuticals, which right now, poses a huge problem. This would go a long way in combatting fake drugs and medications.

Closing Thoughts

NFTs have a wide range of use cases. Perhaps the most important is its application in the healthcare sector. By giving back control to the patients, health NFTs may just revolutionize how the industry caters to the needs of the people. 


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