There Is No Real Success Unless You Discover Your Factory Settings

Similar to machines and equipment, we, humans, also have factory settings. Learn the process for a successful self-improvement journey.


Kenan Kolday

2 years ago | 3 min read

According to modern psychology, it is very important to understand the ego development process, especially within the first 7 ages of ourlives, and how this period affects a child`s life — both to understand our children and to understand ourselves. 75% of personality is shaped within that first seven years and the ego development continues until the age of 24, by a miraculous combination of psychological, neurological, and endocrinal processes.

Our children see who we are and model us from the first day they are born. Many believe that this learning process even starts a few months before birth during pregnancy.

In this modeling process, the parents or the primary caregivers are especially important in their first 7 years after birth. This early childhood personality development period holds the golden key to understanding our personality and the path to self-improvement.

Let`s look at the several steps to unlock the key to understanding the human psyche.

1. Incarnation of the immortal soul

Life naturally begins with birth. From a spiritual perspective, the eternal soul incarnates into a mortal body and is believed to be the God particle inside us. It is the drop in a vast ocean and is part of the divine essence. The soul incarnates with closed consciousness -that is, we are born without any memory, a tabula rasa.

This is the first breakup from divinity.

2. Temperament and genetic heritage

We are born with a certain temperament and genetic heritage.

According to one study, temperament and genetic inheritance make up a third of the elements that make up an adult human being. Recently, psychologists started thinking that it is even 50% in light of some breakthrough discoveries in the epigenetics.

3. Personality development

According to modern psychology, the remaining 2/3 is shaped by environmental factors, of which 2/3 is shaped within the first 7 years of age.

In other words, a child who turns 7 years old will have gained 70–80% of the personality elements that shape her life. A baby born pure and impeccable at the moment of birth receives earthly impressions in his advanced years and breaks away from his Essence.

Like the masks used by the Romans in the theater as “personas”, he develops a false self consisting of masks obtained as a result of childhood decisions. This is the second rupture, the detachment from the divine essence.

In other words, even a 70-year-old person acts with the personality he is made as a result of childhood decisions in the age of 0–7 years, if he has not noticed this naturally written personality software and tried to change it.

We’re all basically 7-year-olds, no matter how old we are. We are born with a “hardware” consisting of genetic heritage and temperament, and then with environmental factors, a software called character is automatically uploaded to us under the external influences.

All our reactions to life are automatically the result of this software. As mentioned in “Bhagavad Gita”, part of Mahabharata, one of the masterpieces of ancient Indian philosophy, “Individual Self is the driver in the material body car”. This hardware is like a PC and the basic software that comes with it. But we know that no hardware can work without an operating system, and that is character.

Isn’t it interesting? It’s an experience game. It’s a game of returning to our ESSENCE. It’s a game of consciously trying to have what we had unconsciously as babies.

Moreover, we continue the life style we inherited from our families. Of course, if you realize this vicious circle, you can change it for the better and reverse it through self-awareness later in life with both personal development, philosophy and esoteric teachings, and pure wisdom and wisdom.

It’s important to know and understand this cycle because that’s the beginning of your inner journey to your essence or your true self. If you use this 0–7 age childhood period to raise future generations of self-sufficient children, then those wonderful little people who are our greatest treasures will be happy, self-inflicted, great people who are in harmony with the universe. And that’s when the Golden Age might come.


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