The Noble Art Of Writing

A deep and inspirational piece about writing as art. For those who read this; you are true artists! Now start creating and have fun.


Patrick van Raalten

a year ago | 2 min read

“The story must strike a nerve in me. My heart should start pounding when I hear the first line in my head. I start trembling at the risk.” — Susan Sontag

This story is an invitation to start writing now and consider writing as a true form of art. Just as a painter start out with this blank canvas, so a writer starts out with this (digita) blank paper.

Instead of painting with colors, we writers ‘paint’ with letters that form words and sentences that carry an unique energy.I think that is not to be taken lightly,; words are powerful and can reach many people. This is not to scare you off or something but a reminder that writing is a powerful medium.

The quote of Susan Sontag says it all; write with all your heart and soul. If we write this way, writing becomes a pure form of art.

I think writing doesn’t have to be dramatic or too explicit, but is it has to be real. When we read something we want to be transferred to a different and new reality. This realitiy and its characters have to be real in the sense that they could exist. And who knows, maybe by just telling the story a reality comes alive! For me, that is the true beauty of writing.

We can literally breathe life into our words and build new worlds. Isn’t that magnificent?That is why I love the phenomenon of the Golem. A Golem, in Jewish folklore, is an artificially created human supernaturally endowed with life. And a Golem is entirely created from inanimate matter.

In the same way we endow life with our words. We could say that just the words in and of itself are inanimate. But we breathe our life an energy into them. How wonderful is that? Our words and sentences are literally carriers of energy.

The best pieces of art have that living quality, that goes far beyond just creating something of beauty.

So, writing this way, we can become true artists. Artists who consciously breathe life in what they write. Artists who write from the pure love for writing as an art form.

When I write this way, I don’t care how many people will read my piece or if it will become a popular piece. Then, the creative process itself is the biggest reward that I can imagine. Just the pure love for writing itself.

Of course I like it when you read my story and that it has some value for you. But for me it is not about reaching as much people as I can, but much more about reaching the right people who are genuinly interested in what I have to tell! That is a big bonus.

So, what do you think. What is writing for you? Do you think it is an art? Be sure to let me know in a comment.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time and reading my piece. It is much appreciated! I hope my words resonate with you and inspire you to do your unique thing! Feel free to follow!


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Patrick van Raalten

I live my life as a deep contemplation from which my writing and art appears. I use my words and art to slow down time and take you to a place where freedom dwells. Most of the time we live on the surface of our lives. What happens when you dive into the immense depths of your existence? Travel with me into uncharted territory and you will discover that you are complete as you are now! Embrace this and play! Feel free to follow and connect!







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