The “Novel” Gift Of Corona - Don’t Hate Me For Calling It A Blessing In Disguise

The very first time those empty shelves and deserted aisles in the supermarkets surfaced on the web


Esha Panda

2 years ago | 2 min read

The very first time those empty shelves and deserted aisles in the supermarkets surfaced on the web, 

I lost it!

The chills down my spine were too cold to ignore.

It felt for a while that this time the world was upside down. For real.

Yes, the world did turn upside down. But, just how much would you hate me if I say, it was all for the greater good? :) :) 

Let’s look at how most of us have been reacting to the COVID-19 outbreak and confusion since the past few weeks.

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My friend, this isn’t another “don’t panic” post. I promise!

This is only to tell you that we are just being humans :) And that it’s okay to feel not-so-okay during these trying times. 

Because this time, things are different. Very very different.

Do we even remember our lives before the COVID-19 outbreak?

A life where we took everything for granted. Where we looked past those tiny everyday things that made our lives so beautiful.

You just smiled :) 

Because you agree that it’s indeed a blessing in disguise!

We needed a virus and its army to make us realize the worth of everything. 

Do you know what else this few-nanometer virus gifted us?

The much-longed social immunity.

This quarantine life is a reminder of how we can be virtually united to fight any evil together.

What took us so long to realize something that simple?

A few weeks back when we deployed thermal scanners inside the [24] premises and set up boundaries in front of food stalls in the cafeteria, we were positive about one thing -

This will eventually pass!

This positive (+ve), however, became an alarming term as the weeks rolled on. With every new “positive” reported.

We panicked. And started spreading the ‘don’t panic’ messages. That created more panic.

But did we become responsible?

We were asked to do one simple thing. Stay indoors (in our cozy comfy set-ups) and let things subside.

As always, we read the message wrong. 

It took us more stringent measures to realize that this isn't a fun game going on. But yes, the awareness spread faster than the virus itself and right now if you look around, you’ll find most of us settled in, responsibly. 

And now is the time to belive that better times are on the horizon.

The silver lining is too bright to ignore

Is it just me or did the pandemic just prove all of us wrong?

All this while we kept believing that we’re miserable slaves to the daily grinds of life.

Look at us spending such wonderful times with our families.

Look at us being equally serious about our work.

Look at us creating miracles together!

The world needs us. But in our best selves.

These are the news we aren’t proud of! But once things are back to normal, shall we do our best bit to change the narrative? For all of us?

Let the lessons stay

Corona is not here to stay. But the lessons are.

Together, we are immune. Not to the virus right now, but to so many vices that we never thought could kill us as social beings.

Dear humans, the virus saved us. 

We got the gift of a lifetime. Let’s feel blessed and build a better world together. 

Shall we?


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