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Office premises are crucial to clean since they entail a wide range of diverse requirements altogether. Everything from the furniture to the dining areas should be thoroughly maintained. At Multi Cleaning, we adhere to international regulations and protocols while offering office cleaning services in Sydney to be added sure of everything we do.


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Office cleaning tips that you can’t afford to miss!

It can be really hectic to clean your offices to complete freshness and crisp outlook while also ensuring they are safe and hygienic beneath the surface. With just a bit of office cleaning tips, you can simply take the overall effectiveness of your cleaning procedure a long way forward. Find below some detailed insider insights about the nitty-gritty of cleaning your office thoroughly before you dive headfirst into your cleaning procedure.

A quick guide to elevating the efficiency of your office cleaning procedure

1. Ask your employees to clean up after them

The more organized your employees are, the better will be the overall effectiveness of your cleaning procedure. Stick up cautionary posters in a quirky way around your office space in places where your employees would notice them. For example, ask them to keep their desks clutter-free, put the trash where they belong, and clean up after them in cafeterias or restrooms.

All of these will help organize your work a whole lot more. It will make the job a lot more hassle-free and easier to manage for the janitors out there. In addition, you need not wait until the day’s end or immediately after cleaning to see the premises neat and fresh.

2. Cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization

Your office cleaning services should not just stop with surface-level mopping or vacuuming procedures. Your routine should not revolve around maintaining a fresh first look but go way beyond in maintaining overall safety and hygiene. It is thus important that you go with a standard cleaning procedure that starts with basic surface-level cleaning but doesn’t end there. Disinfection comes next when you apply any suitable solution on the surface to terminate contagious germs, diseases, and infections. Covid cleaning is also essential for a workspace to keep clean. Sanitization is where your procedure comes to a full circle which involves the application of a protective layer on top of a freshly cleaned surface to make the surface safe for the next person to use.

3. Make sustainable decisions

Green cleaning should be one of your top priorities. It will not just help you remain on the safe side of history and reduce your carbon footprint. But also help you prevent any further complications to your surfaces, employees, or your environment. Using chemically-intensive supplies can result in spoiling the entire vibe of your space and affect it with a pungent aftermath smell that is the usual case after cleaning with such products. Eco-friendly products will result in fresh-smelling premises and also prevents your employees from facing harsh side effects like allergies, rashes, asthmatic triggers, and other respiratory ailments.

Be wise enough to pick green products that are genuinely authentic. You can ensure this by checking if the products you pick are authorized by regulatory bodies like EPA or DfE. This will prevent you from picking knock-off shelved products that are no good in reality.

4. Keep your resources in order

Be it the manpower, technology assistance, products, supplies, or solution, you need to keep all of these handy and equip your janitors with everything they need if you want to make their efforts count. But you’ll actually have to spend huge capital on these and the operational cost of working with janitors is not going to be easy on your budget either. It’s a lot cheaper if you simply decide to hire a commercial cleaning company to take over the procedure from you.

They’ll send industrially trained professionals who are also background-checked, trained, and police-verified to give you the best results that you’re looking for.

5. Hire professionals when you need them

Things might not always be within the scope of reach of janitors. You need to sometime go for professional assistance to take your procedures a long way forward. When you hire office cleaning in Sydney, they’ll offer you comprehensive solutions to meet your expectations and give your premises a new look and a fresh twist that will exceed your vision.

Especially when you go with someone like Multi Cleaning who has been in the cleaning space for over a decade now, they’ll give you the perfect solutions, unlike anything that your janitors might be able to offer. We also adhere to international regulatory protocols from authoritative bodies like OSHA, CDC, and SWA to bring the best quality procedures to the table for you.

Not to forget that cleaning disasters and damages are prone to happen when you least expect them. And hence, we offer comprehensive add-on insurance policies that will keep you covered with third-party liability workers’ compensation benefits. So even in cases of any accidental damages, we’ll spring into action to take care of any repairs or replacements as soon as we can.

We also have all the resources in handling any niche office cleaning requirements that you have along the way. Our dedicated account managers will keep you updated about the progress every step along the way.

6. Keep proper track of the cleaning timelines

Only when you keep a check on your cleaning requirement and the stiff timelines between your deep cleaning or disinfection procedures. You’ll be able to maintain proper sanity at your premises at all times. But expecting this kind of accountability from your regular janitors might not actually do your any good.

When you hire professionals, their business essentially depends on your satisfaction and they’ll bring in their best work to make this happen. At Multi Cleaning, we offer the most justified quotations for office cleaning services that can blow your mind. Talk to us to know more!

7. Remove trash everyday

Nothing is more harmful than a stinky trash bin. The only way to prevent this is to take out the trash at the end of each work day, that way it won’t sit overnight and become a huge problem. Each employee should have a waste basket at their desk. A useful rule is that whenever something wet or containing food scraps goes in, the waste basket should be emptied. Either rotate every day, every week or however, your team thinks will make the most sense. But make sure they know it is essential the trash goes out every day. Nothing will make a client doubt your company more than the smell of trash!

8. Clean Your windows regularly

Windows tend to collect dust and grime over time; not a view to behold. In addition to swallowing the appearance of the workplace, dusty windows degrade the view and restrict sunlight. It can negatively affect the attitude and atmosphere within the office, reducing productivity. After paying hours looking at your computer monitor and pounding at the keyboard, don’t you just crave some natural light? 

9. Organize your paperwork

One of the most significant benefits of organizing your paperwork is that it helps control the build-up of dust. Another advantage of organizing your paperwork is that it makes it easier to find all the necessary documents quickly. When everything is in its appropriate place, you can save time and energy by not having to search through piles of paper. The first step to keeping a workspace is to be organized. Finally, an organized office looks more proficient and can boost your company's credibility.

There are a few easy tips that you can track to get your paperwork organized:

  1. Invest in some suitable quality storage boxes and labels.
  2. Create a filing system that works for you and your company.
  3. Make sure to examine and update your paperwork regularly.


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