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The Thesis

     The first part of our story begins with the ideology of a young mind Bhavish Agarwal. He got the idea of starting an ola when he had a bad experience with a cab driver. The cab driver left bhavish in the Middle of the forest when bhavish refused to pay extra money. As always this story of an entrepreneur also began with a problem he wanted to convert this problem into a profitable startup.

Idea gets life 

    After an idea got lighted Bhavish Agarwal's mind. He started working on getting his idea into existence. On December 03.2010 Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati founded OLA Cabs. Both of them came from IIT Bombay. They have the ability to run their business successfully.  

The Technology 

     OLA used technology to connect cab drivers and customers directly with live tracking features. In the initial stage, they offered referral programs offering free rides to attract customers. The hassle-free cab booking system of ola was the major cause of its success. 

The Success

    Now OLA is running successfully in around 250 cities in India. It also offers services like OLA Auto, OLA Prime, etc. In 2021, Ola Cabs had operating revenue of 9.8 billion Indian rupees. In 2030 it is expected to reach 200 billion. This story does not have an end as OLA has stepped into E-vehicle production it will become one of the top most Corporate in the world.


The problem lies everywhere making the problem into a profitable business lies in the way we think and see. As taxi booking and raid-hailing business will touch new heights in upcoming years you have the opportunity to start your own taxi booking business like OLA. With an OLA clone. And you have the chance to become the next Bhavish Agarwal. Don't wait for an opportunity to knock on the door. Create your opportunity. Dive straight away into the Taxi booking and raid hailing business market with our OLA clone script.


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