All In One Dark Comedy Series: How I see it.

A backseat Taxi Cab confession of my dark perspective of the game we call "life."


Dedrick C.

a year ago | 3 min read

There is so much to talk about, so much to explain, to explore, and so much to comprehend. Since subjection will tell this story for an introduction, I will slowly walk you through my mind. There needs to be an understanding of how I feel, think, and see what I have seen. But my perspective of this world has nothing to do with nature but with those who occupy it. It all starts with beings. Human beings, to be specific, but all beings in some way affect us as well.

Look, let me tell you, everyone is in it for themselves. That is the first and only option for anyone to use in any situation and for excuses. “I had to do what was best for me.” Oh, I know all of you love to say it or even show it, but this is where everything becomes an issue that leads to war. It seems like everyone wants the number one spot. You know all the money, power, credit, fame, and title. We all want the same thing: to be a known human—a frivolous bout with you and life. Life will win with a perspective like that because you give it all up for the likes, opinions, and attention. “Jah, What are you saying? No Dedrick, I mean?” Look, I’m saying that we all go through life like we are not a product of God and will go to another place after death. “Oh my, God! Dedrick, all that God-talk!” And here is where I begin to sharpen my pen to kill any man. This is not About God, but it is about God. So, in other words, yes, this is God-talk, but we will also walk with the devil.

We will walk with lies being given to give them back to get a little truth. I feel the world is being controlled by other people’s desires, personal agendas, miseducation, and the greed for power over the masses by the adapting tool of money and time. Think about the internet. Think about social media. Now think about the news. The news is where stories are being interpreted for our safety, well-being, and updates. But the information is doing more than that. I know I jumped into this faster than you thought but look at what we see on the news and think about the content. Murders, theft, drug trafficking, organized crime, data leaks, political wars, global wars, and little good from time to time. Now think about social media. It is news, but it has a different spin on the information. It makes news fun. It causes terrible news looks entertaining as opposed to informative. That was my overall point. They adapt the news in ways we are entertained and then scare us with the language. Same as politics, it is nothing more than a language battle. I’m saying that the world’s war is made through language and the conditioning used to put us in fear, make us follow laws and rules, and give those in power a tighter grip of control.

Aside from the example, people are not in tune with themselves because of the condition, barriers, stereotypes, and pressure. They are left in a state of confusion. The confusion further intensifies with what is happening not in their environments but everywhere. Think of how much good goes on in the world. But we will rarely see it or appreciate it. We are conditioned to think of the worst in every situation and dim the light on the good because we never often see it.

This is just the introduction but the introduction of what we will go over. Stay tuned.


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Dedrick C.

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