All In One Dark Comedy Series: The Surface.

The surface. Are you above or below the surface? This article can help you find out.


Dedrick C.

2 years ago | 3 min read

The surface. The surface is always the top or tip of the iceberg. There is nothing to see at the top of the iceberg but how sharp the angle is. Even when you perceive the top of the iceberg, a bell question that should ring in your mind is how much is below what is visible. Yes, the portion above water is a beautiful work, but how much is compiled in the iceberg to give it a position at the top is intriguing. Look at it from a human point of view. Let’s try success. No, I don’t try; I do. Let’s get to it. Think of any “successful” person. When you think about or acknowledge their success, you only see the tip of the iceberg fame, money, work, and material. But most of the iceberg is underwater. It is never seen but known to be there. Like success, everyone sees victories, but failure is only seen by the individual. Well, for the most part. But everyone knows they had some struggle to get there.

The universal concept also connects with life. My writing is like a puzzle; you have to piece things together to see the picture being painted before you as you read. For most of our life, we only see the tip of everything. Nothing less, nothing more. We only see the surface. We often associate what we are perceiving based on aesthetics. Think about people. We are attracted to people by physical qualities over spiritual ones. Why? Because we only see the surface. We are conditioned to do so, and we often do not have enough spiritual energy in our bodies. Life even requires more than just your physical qualities to survive. I don’t want to lead you down a profound theory, but there is more to everyone and everything. So taking surface things for what they are and believing what you see, hear, and feel is its value is we always lead you to nothing.

“What are you saying, Dedrick?” We have put so much trust in our eyes that everything we see is real. Think about that. If it takes us to see to believe it, then we have lost the war already. Think about God. We have not seen God, yet many of us believe. Believe genuinely that there is a mighty God. Those aware of life understand that what we see is not even half but ten percent of what something actually is. It seems that man has understood how to trick man. “Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens man.” But if man somehow takes this and flips, new world order would soon pass over as it has several times. “Where are you going?” I’m going to explain what I mean. The world always will need structure. Those who have the power, money, and resources to maintain the system will do so. That power is then tested through the creation and rational knowledge of life. But we are human. We are limited, and with these limitations, there will be errors. Errors in judgment, thinking, ideas, and time.

Not just those in power but everyone collectively. It is a strange topic and subject, but much of this has to do we politics, religion, money, and power. This has always been relevant, but now it is apparent. The pure orchestration of language is working through an agenda of some sort. What could it be, a new world order or a world that needs new order? Those two phrases are different, and so is the language. Now I have introduced you to everything I feel should be known to some degree for my critical; theory of what is next for humanity.


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