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One Key Difference Between Fit and Unfit People That’s Scarcely Talked About

Be the person who eats clean, workouts out regularly, and sleeps 8+ hours.


Neeramitra Reddy

4 months ago | 2 min read


It’s not about exercise, dieting, calories, or sleep

“Dang! Looks like we missed the special dinner,” I curse as we step off the bus. “The usual crap only, let’s order out,” he replies as we flash our IDs at the campus gates.

Amidst the garish sea of bustling students and glittering lanterns, two hobbling dudes in sweatshirts and clinky gym bags must have been an odd sight.

But a festival day or not, the gym was a non-negotiable for us — even if it meant 5 km in an overflowing stinky bus and a large bribe for the gym’s owner.

Post a steamy shower, as we munch into our steamier shawarma rolls, we mirthfully discuss the day’s workout.

Are you guys for real? You missed the rad festivities, especially the Dandiya”, our wingmates with their drenched pajamas burst in.

“But not the workout”, we grin in unison.

Summer or winter. Holiday or vacation. Exams or assignments. Cold or lazy. Early morning or late evening. Gym, the park, or our hostel rooms — no matter what, we didn’t skip our workouts.

The guys who used to bombard us with, “How are you guys so jacked? “How to get bigger biceps?”, “What supplements do y’all use?”, and even, “Be real. You’re on roids.”?

They worked out hard, dieted decently, and slept well. But they were seasonal folks — one consistent week or month meant two off.

If You Have Excuses, Fitness Isn’t Important Enough for You

Exams. Time crunches. Runny noses. Mood. Late meetings. Festivals. Family problems. Laziness. Body pains. Closed gyms.

They are part and parcel of life — but if fitness is a non-negotiable, you will find a way around those obstacles.

If you can’t find time, wake up an hour earlier. Jampacked schedule? Run a minimalist routine. A terrible cold? Go light on the weights and hit some cardio.

Gym closed? Grab a resistance band and head to the local bar park. Have neither a band nor a nearby park? Hang from the ledge and do pullups.

No ledge either? Drop to the ground and bang out 10 pushups.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

Your diet isn’t any different — even if you’re broke, you can eat healthily. Forced to eat out regularly, make healthy choices. Even if you eat home-cooked food, you can track your calories.

As the popular cliché goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, if you want to stay fit, you will.

Excuses will crop up only when you secretly want to give up — but want to slide the blame off your back.

Consistency is King

With bare-bones meals and almost zero equipment, most prisoners build insanely muscular physiques. The secret?

Religious adherence.

While the fit people ingrain fitness into their identity and lifestyle, the unfit ones treat it as a seasonal pursuit.

Consistently sticking to an average diet and workout routine will beat a top-notch but inconsistent regimen.

Don’t eat clean, workout, or sleep 8+ hours because summer, your marriage, or a photo shoot is around the corner.

Be the person who eats clean, workouts out regularly, and sleeps 8+ hours.


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