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One Major Reason Readers Don’t Engage With Your Articles

One of the biggest reasons people don’t engage with your articles is because you don’t focus on the most important persona in online writing — your reader.


Kristina Segarra

4 months ago | 2 min read


Avoid this grave mistake

Picture this: You’re starting to write a post and get lost in your words. You ramble too much about yourself and forget about the reader.

Later on, you realize your article didn’t receive as much engagement as you had hoped for.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t engage with your articles is because you don’t focus on the most important persona in online writing — your reader.

As humans, we’re selfish creatures, so we tend to center our attention on ourselves. And that’s where our Achilles’ hill is.

I hate to say it, but online readers are selfish too. They aim to extract value from anything they read — in the form of lessons — whether you’re writing a personal story or offering tips and advice on something.

That’s why when you write online, you must write for the reader, or they won’t engage with your articles.

Writing for the reader doesn’t mean you can’t tell your personal stories, though. Stories help us connect and create an emotional bond between you and the reader. And the more compelling your story is, the stronger the connection will be.

To ensure that your story appeals to the reader, make sure it is relatable and gives a reader a glimpse into lessons you learned.

Maybe you’re writing a story about powerful lessons you learned in your life journey, for example, mistakes you’ve made that will help the reader avoid making the same mistakes.

Or maybe your story is inspirational and pack lots of value for the reader. Maybe it will inspire them to take action and change their lives.

Whatever it is you’re writing, make sure it has some relevance for the reader.

Humans crave emotional connection. If your words fail to stir an emotional response from the reader, you may as well save them for your journal.

Writing for the reader is especially important on this platform where the competition is getting stiffer each day. Writing for the reader is one way to ensure you cut through the noise.

Writing for the reader will also increase your chances of being curated. If your article doesn’t fit the bill, curators will toss it aside and won’t select it for further distribution.

So my advice to you is to stop being selfish and write for the reader. When you do that, you will significantly increase your chances of success.

How to write with a focus on the reader

How do you check if your post is written with the reader in mind? You can evaluate the effectiveness of your post by asking these questions.

  • Are there any lessons a reader can learn from my post?
  • Are there any helpful tips or advice am I offering?

The value you provide can be in a form of practical tips or life lessons. Or maybe what you wrote is a deeply touching story that can help readers walk away with important life lessons. Or your story is packed with inspirational ideas that your readers can’t help but feel inspired by. Or you share powerful lessons from your personal journey.

The takeaway

To succeed in the online writing world, you have to stop being selfish and focus your attention on the reader.

As a writer, you always have to serve the reader who is your customer. The more value you provide, the more the reader will engage with your article and there’s also a higher chance that your article will be curated.


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Kristina Segarra


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