One Trait That Really Endears You To People

One of life’s biggest achievements is to be a likable person.


Joshua Idegbere

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A life lesson

There is something about contentment that is attractive.

One of life’s biggest achievements is to be a likable person.

That is, to become someone people easily like and want to hang around with. It is a profound social asset that can sometimes be the difference between success and failure in life.

Some groups of researchers set out to unravel the traits that influence professional success.

They found out that out of the 5 personality traits, research has identified one above the rest that predicts professional success: agreeableness. In other words, likability.

In other words, the more endearing, likable, or agreeable people find you, the more success you're destined to have in life.

The one trait that endears you to people.

If being endearing carries these benefits, is there a way we can improve this trait to our life and career advantage?

The answer is yes.

That's the intent of this article: to help you with a piece of practical advice on how to improve your social success.

It is the commonest trait I found among the people who have made the deepest impression on me. The one trait that has actually endeared me to them, that stirs my willingness to lend a hand when I see these persons in need or that initiates the feeling "I just like this person."

And what's that trait?


Contented people, I mean people who are satisfied with who they are what they have and find joy in it, are some of the most endearing persons I have come across.

There is something about contentment that is attractive:

People who possess this virtue find satisfaction in who and what they are, they are comfortable in their own skin; they are selfless and find joy in the little things.

The opposite of contentment manifest as being competitive.

Do you have the reputation of being known as the guy or lady that always wants to win, even if it means costing the happiness of others?

I know such a fellow.

That trait has earned her more enemies than she deserves.

Her obsession with success without empathy has made the people in her social circle tactfully withdraw from her.

And the bad part is, she's not coping well with it mentally. If care isn't taken, she may have a mental breakdown soon.

That's something you should avoid.

People are important.
Having a good relationship with them is an asset of great reward. And being endearing is one way to have a good relationship with people.

To do that, you need to cultivate the virtue of contentment.

You need to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin, you need to learn how to find joy in what you have no matter how little it may seem, and equally very important, you need to learn how to be selfless and empathize with people.

This is one secret that can make you more attractive and endearing to people.

Try it.


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