OpenSea: Complete Beginner’s Guide to the World’s Largest NFT Market

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Setting up your wallet First, you will need a wallet to store your cryptocurrencies and NFTs. NFT development company Here are the MetaMask FAQs for reference!

Once installed, go to OpenSea , Click on the icon in the upper right corner and then on My Profile .

creating your collection At this point, you should go to your account page, it will look empty for now but we are working on it.

Next, hit Create at the top, then My Collections .

Click on Create under “ Create a new collection ”, add a new name and description to your collection and upload a descriptive image of it.

NFT development You won’t be creating any NFTs for now, we are just setting up a collection that you will be able to show your work on later, keep in mind that you will be able to edit your collection information later.

Click Add New Items and you will jump to the back of your collection.

Improving the collection

There are some tricks that are worth it, before starting to create your first NFTs.

In the image above, you will see that there is a custom banner; You can load yours by clicking on the pencil icon that appears in the upper right.

If you want to check how the upper Banner will look like, you can visit an existing collection in OpenSea, for example, the one by the artist e9art .

The Payments tab displays any outstanding payments due on secondary sales (your tab will be empty for now) and pressing Visit will take you to your public collection.

On the profile page, you’ll also see the option to choose what type of payment tokens you’d like to accept for your sales (leave it the default, if you’re not sure what you’re doing) and set a secondary sale fee of up to 10% .

If you decide that you would like to receive a 5% commission (for example) on all future sales of your NFTs, you have to type a 5 in the appropriate

Once you’re satisfied, click Submit Changes and you’ll be returned to your home page.

Creating an NFT in OpenSea :

On the next page, you will see the option to upload metadata such as image/video/audio files and a space to add the name of the NFT.

You can also add an external link below (for example, to a high-resolution image file or a personal website) and enter a description for the NFT.

For now, you can NFT development solutions only create one NFT at a time, so if you plan to do five different versions of the same work and want to let potential buyers know about the existence of that series, you should add the edition number in the statistics section.

It’s important to note that if you set the supply to 100, for example, you’ll need to set up 100 individual sales listings (after you’ve created the NFT) with the quantity set to ‘1’.

It is also possible to add unlockable content that only the owner of the item can see.

Unlockable Content could be, for example, a higher resolution file, contact information to redeem physical items, access keys, and more.

There is no charge to create an NFT, so this will not incur gas fees (transaction costs).

After clicking Create you will notice that your first NFT is located quite a bit below the search bar.

List of your items for sale To list your NFTs, go to the public-facing assets page of one of your items and hit Sell (you can get there via your account page or by clicking assets under the search bar that will appear above ).

Select between a fixed price list or an auction and set your price. When you are satisfied with the chosen price, click Publish your ad and follow the instructions in your wallet.

If you have never sold on OpenSea before, you will need to pay a gas fee before you can start trading.

If you choose to list items in a currency other than ETH (ethereum) you will also be asked to approve that token for sale and purchase. Which will also incur in charging you another (much smaller) gas fee.

Again, that will be a one-time fee, so the consequent times you want to make sales; you will no longer have to pay for it.

If you are going through this process. When accepting an offer on an item that has not been listed above, you will be required to approve the ETH token (the wrapped Ether token is used by OpenSea to make offers) together with the payment of the combined fee for accepting the offer. offer.

If you don’t have ETH(ethereum) in your wallet, keep reading below!

Buy Ethereum (ETH) Search the Internet for an accredited and regulated seller in your region or country and buy a little more ETH than the amount that is requested when you click on “Publish your ad”.


It may seem complex to enter these new digital markets, but there is nothing that cannot be learned with a little dedication and effort.

The game and management of having previously used or worked with cryptocurrency will help you.

If this is not the case, creating your OpenSea account will introduce you and get to know the world of cryptocurrencies at a low level.


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